Feng Shui Living Colours

Bring change into your life using Feng Shui Living and Colour

Using colour it is easy to shift the energy in your home with Feng Shui.

The 5 elements that encompass Feng Shui Living; that being
fire, earth, metal, water and wood have colours that represent them.

The first element to consider is fire.

Fire supports your career endeavourers and recognition. It also activates your personal energy.

The colours that symbolize fire are red, orange, purple, pink, and strong yellow.

Using these colours in the south, south east and north east regions of your home will increase the energy flow in this area.

Perhaps you could paint a feature wall with one of these colours, alternatively a painting that depicts fire hung in these regions will increase the energy flow.

Earth represents stability and harmonious relationships.

Colours that symbolize earth are light yellow all sandy and beige colours.

Using these colours in the middle of your home, to the north east and south west will enhance and stablise your relationships in a positive manner.

Metal represents clarity, focus and preciseness.

White grey and all forms of metallic colours in the west, north and north west areas of your home or office will increase the energy in these areas

Water is known as an ancient symbol of abundance. It is refreshing and evokes calmness and renewal.

Black and blue represent water. Using light blue on a wall, either painting it or a picture of water will often lift a room’s feeling and evoke calmness and tranquility.

Wood is related to lush abundance and vibrant health represented by the colours brown and green. These tones work best in the east, south east and south areas of your home.

Painting a room in your family home or office green will add to the chi energy and assist in creating abundance and health in your environment.

Below is a list of color and what they represent within the Feng Shui Living Framework.

BLACK Power, Loss, Mourning, Proptection, Repels, Negativity, Not Evil.
BLUE calm, Peace, Healing, Patience, Spiritual Awareness, Changeability, Understanding.
BROWN Earth, Grounding, Darkness, Neutral, Understanding
GOLD Strength, Male Energy, The Sun, Communication, Happiness, Wealth, Abundance
GREEN Money, Growth, Propersity, Fertility, Luck, Health, envy
GREY Neutral, Depression, Balance of Ying and Yang
ORANGE Vibrant, Energy, Fire, Warmth, Happiness, Stimulating
PINK Love, Caring, Softness, Compassion, Romance, Relaxation, Emotions, Affection
PURPLE Spirituality, Meditation, Power(worldly, Magical) Ambition, Healing, Symbol of Royalty, Promotes business progess, wealth, wisdom, Protection, Psychic ability
RED Fire, Passion, Anger, Vibrant, Stimulation, Courage, Physical Energy, Fame, Love
SILVER Intuition, Female Energy,The Moon, Astral Travel, Eroticism
WHITE Higher Self, Purity, Peace, Protection
YELLOW The sun, communication, confidence, Freshness, Earth, Brightness

We are all drawn to color - find the color that corresponds to what you are focusing on.

Using Feng Shui Living to enhance areas in your life that you wish to improve allows for intention and shifts in energy.

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JaiChamonix is a passionate supporter of Feng Shui Living. Her site www.efengshuiliving.com is a site rich with information to improve your health, wealth and relationship by harnessing the chi (energy) that surrounds us.

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