Once you've found the Central Palace of your home, you should also consider the central line. This is the line that runs through the central palace, dividing your home into the front half and back half. Your main entrance is located in front of the central line. Rooms such as the bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom may be located behind the central line.

Feng Shui Placement of a Master Bedroom

Since the master bedroom is one of the three most important areas of a home in Black Sect Feng Shui, its placement is especially important.

The master bedroom, along with other bedrooms, should reside behind the central line, in order to give its inhabitants greater control of what's going on in the household, as well as in their life. A bedroom behind the central line also offers other benefits, both spiritual and mundane.

A bedroom located behind the central line:

- helps inhabitants sleep better, by separating the yang activities of the outside world with the inner sanctuary (yin qualities) of the master bedroom

- offers more privacy for intimate activities, as well as a sense of privacy and security in the home

- reduces the danger of robbery

- reduces the chances of having difficult or misbehaving children, by putting the head of household more in control of the home and its inhabitants

- gives the master of the house a sense of control, just as a CEO leads a company from behind-the-scenes, with a desk behind his subordinates, and a general observes and controls his army from the rear

Feng Shui Cures for a Master Bedroom in Front of the Central Line

If a master bedroom resides in front of the central line of a house, at least one of the people in the room may not sleep at home very often, and may even have a bed in another location, sometimes implying a marital affair.

Additionally, the “master” of the house may feel more like a servant or doorman. The bedroom's placement may affect the person's sleeping habits, as they will not feel great separation from the yang activities going on outside the home. It could result in feelings of restlessness.

A bedroom forward of the central line puts the people who sleep there in a subservient position, and may result in the room's inhabitants feeling out of control of their own destiny and fortune.

If you cannot move the master bedroom because of the layout of your home, you can position a mirror on the interior wall of the bedroom, facing toward the front of the house, so the image of the bed appears deeper in the home than it really is.

A Second Floor Bedroom

A bedroom on the second floor -- again, as long as it is behind the center line -- is good Feng Shui, unless it feels so far removed from the rest of the home that those who sleep there feel out of control. If an upstairs master bedroom feels far removed from the front entrance of a home, hang a shopkeeper's bell on the front door or on the door frame. It will ring and alert the master of the house to the comings and goings below, resulting in a sense of greater control.

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