Do Fine Art, Feng Shui and Good Fortune have anything in common besides the letter F? Absolutely, they are all about creating energy in your surroundings; energy that can make you happy or sad, be uplifting or depressing and be supportive or obstructive. They are also about providing much needed good luck or good fortune energy as long as you’ve placed your artwork in the correct area of your home or office.

In the case of artwork, “one size doesn’t fit all.” Artwork, whether originals, prints or posters, needs to fit your personality, be an appropriate size for your home or office and needs to properly energize the specific areas of your home or office in which you’ve placed it.

When buying art as a collector your prime consideration is the investment and the return on the investment at some time in the future. But when buying art for your home or office, besides liking the artwork, it is important to know what type of energy the art will provide you. Will it be the best energy for prosperity and abundance?

Good Fortune Begins at your Front Door

No matter what school of Feng Shui you follow, all teachings would agree that good fortune begins at your front door. If your front door is not clutter-free and accessible to new energy entering it doesn’t matter what you do on the inside of your house or office. Fresh new positive energy needs to enter before it can help you generate good fortune.

Begin your “good luck” journey by carefully looking at your entrance. Remove all clutter, collectibles, dead plants and broken items; they cause stagnant unhealthy or unlucky energy. Prune plantings for maximum visibility and energy movement. Then place brightly colored plantings or potted flowers around the entrance to lead new energy right up to your door and encouraging it to enter. The colors that work best here are high drama colors such as hot pink, brunt bright orange, red, yellow and even white if it is against a dark background such as the leaves of larger plants.

A welcome sign, flag or plaque further energizes the front entry. You should repeat the colors of your plantings in this type of decorative artwork to further energize this area. The pineapple is a great symbol for this area and often thought of as welcoming and bringing abundance. Because it is on the outside of your space, this automatically becomes your first piece of energy artwork.

Artwork that Energizes Good Fortune

Once you have cleared the path for new energy to enter, there are some basic principles you can use to choose artwork which will meet your specific needs and energize your desired life goals and objectives, especially that of good fortune and abundance.

First: locate the south area of your living room and/or office. If you are in an office setting, find this area for your office space only, not the entire building or common space shared by others. Based on the Compass School of Feng Shui, the good fortune or good luck area of a home or office is always in the south.

Second: completely remove all clutter in the south area. It is important to not only remove all clutter in this area but to keep it uncluttered. When this area is cluttered what you will receive is more clutter and stagnant energy instead of good fortune. Also, make sure your wall in this area is not filled with a collection of lots of little things, the color blue, any water element or earthen pottery ware. They all tend to neutralize or destroy good fortune energy.

Third: use red in your artwork. The color red is great for energizing good fortune as are the element of fire and the shape of a triangle or pyramid. Whether you are a Fine Art Aficionado and scour art fairs and antique galleries or your budget prefers a great poster is not important. What is important are the color and the energy symbolism of the artwork you place in the south area of your home and/or office. Some examples of good fortune energy artwork are:

• A bright red sunrise with upward rays of light filtering through
• A volcano erupting, bursting forth strength and energy
• A pyramid of red apples or a basket full of red apples
• A mostly green forest framed in red
• An abundant bowl filled with mostly red fruit
• A field of red poppies

If your space allows for only some tabletop items try a tall red decorative vase or sculpture, a glass vase filled with red silk flowers or a tall red candle. If you use a candle, be sure to light it at least once to release the fire energy.

Fine art plays an important role in the field of Feng Shui. If improperly placed or placed in a cluttered area, it can hinder you in achieving your longer term objectives. .When properly placed, it serves to energize through color and shape specific areas of your home and office to help you achieve your desired objective of increasing both your good luck and abundance.

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Pat Heydlauff, president of Energy Design, helps people eliminate chaos and stress at home and within oneself. As a consultant and speaker, Pat uses color, design and organization principles to transform clients' lives. Her proven methods remove clutter and disorder, while enhancing personal growth, improved relationships, prosperity, and joy. Her new book, "Feng Shui: So Easy a Child Can Do It," provides changes that lead to personal success and abundance. For information on her consulting, speaking and artwork, visit: or call: 561-799-3443.