What words come to mind as you view this collage?

What feelings does it stimulate?

The answers to those two questions asked about a potential new purchase of art let you know what it symbolizes for you. What art means to you is far more important than what the artist intended to convey.

Let me ask you this, when you look at art, do you immediately want to know what the piece is called? If it is titled, "Color Expression #154" do you feel cheated -- like the artist is withholding a clue as to its meaning? If that's true for you, best to stick to representational art -- art where a polar bear looks like a polar bear. You'll be happier surrounded by art that feels substantial rather than merely suggestive.

Sometimes displayed next to each piece is an "Artist's Statement" that tells the story of how it was inspired and created -- and often what the artist intended to convey. From a feng shui point of view, we don't care what they intended, how it was inspired, or what techniques they used to create it.

What's important from a feng shui perspective is the therapist's question: "How does it make you feel?"

For one person, a painting of a sailing ship battling a horrific storm feels inspiring. For another, it feels like imminent doom! For the first person, it an ideal image for their office Wealth area. For the other, best to give it to the first person!!

This collage is one of the first I've created on my computer. I am very curious as to your responses to it. Please do let me know via "comment" below. I'll provide the feng shui reading of it, next week!

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