Have you ever signed up for a class -- teleclass, webinar, seminar -- and "had to" cancell your plans to attend at the last minute? Gees, hasn't everyone?

I've noticed that if I sign up for a teleclass and I don't plan to attend "in person," the chances of my listening to the recorded class on my own is microscopic! That is to say, I just don't do it. Okay. I've done it ONCE.

There's a folder on my desktop that holds recordings of teleclasses I missed "in person" that are waiting for me to listen to them.

Is this sounding familiar to you?

Mind you, I was sufficiently interested in the topic and sufficiently convinced of the speaker's expertise to sign up for the class in the first place. Like you, I'm sure, the new stuff that shows up in my inbox and on my To Do list is clamoring more my attention. By contrast, the folder on my desktop is whispering -- from a distance.

Even though I know from past experience that there is valuable information presented in even a Free teleclass, the chances that I'll "attend" on my own is teensy.

The chances that I'll attend markedly increase if I've paid for a class. I imagine that is true for you, too.

The thing is if I open an email offering a seminar when I don't really have the time and patience to actually consider it at that moment, I usually close it and save it in my inbox to consider ... when I do have the time and the patience. Sound familiar?

If you're like me, the class is often past by the time I reconsider attending.

So, here's the feng shui way to consider attending a class:

1. Open an evite (if you can tell that's what it is) when you have the time and patience to consider attending.
2. If
the topic interests you you're convinced the speaker is an expert time works for you the date works for you the price works for you
Sign up immediately! Or just say no! If the answer is "no" to any of that criteria, you get to delete the evite immediately.
Either way, you're completely done thinking about it!
3. Mark your calendar immediately.
4. Add smiles and/or hearts around it.

This makes the seminar time sacred to you. It establishes your commitment to gift yourself with the fun and knowledge the seminar will give you.

This increases the likelihood that you will attend from not very likely to extremely likely.

If something comes up that prevents you from going to the seminar, most speakers will graciously refund all or most of the cost if you notify them in a timely manner.

Note, though, that either
(a) you didn't really want to go or the emergency wouldn't have occurred or
(b) you didn't think you deserved the fun and knowledge (you do, of course, but apparently some part of you doesn't think so).

Either way, just notice, and commit with greater fervor the next time a seminar captures your interest.

Using Seminar Feng Shui, you'll be more efficient with your evites and you will attend classes that You Really Want to Attend.

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