While I am not one for establishing New Year’s resolutions per se, I do firmly believe in making commitments that result in self improvement. Energetically, the fresh start of a new year does lend itself as an opportune time for retrospection, re-evaluation and change.

Feng shui teaches us that to make changes in our lives, we can start by making changes in our environments. Feng shui is about tuning into our personal spaces and taking inventory of what works and what doesn’t – both literally and figuratively.

Clutter clearing is a branch of feng shui that helps us to sort our lives and restore balance. As we clear out the old - we can bring in the new.
We learn from scientific studies that all things are comprised of energy. Addressing our clutter and removing any unused, broken or unwanted objects helps us to release lower energy from our surroundings. As a result, we can then experience a renewal of positive life force energy and make way for new things to come in.

Clutter in one’s space not only leads to stress and potential health issues, but it also results in demotivation and lethargy. The stale energy that clutter breeds prevents us from being able to move forward in life, thus making it harder to make necessary changes and accomplish our goals.

We can set the stage for change simply by adding or removing something in our personal environments. Decluttering and eliminating things that are not important frees up energy, space and time for the things that do matter.

The process of decluttering, however, can be quite overwhelming. To mitigate procrastination, start with a small area – such as one drawer or closet shelf. Because we spend 1/3 of our lives in the bedroom, I would suggest that you focus on this room first.

If you need an extra bit of discipline, set a timer to help manage your time. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day and make the commitment to sort through the items one at a time. During the process ask yourself why you are keeping it, and then make quick decisions on what should be kept, trashed, recycled or donated. Things that make you feel good and contribute to the quality of your life belong on the stay list; all else can go. A good motto to keep in mind: if you don’t use it – lose it!

Once you get on the clutter ride you will be amazed at the amount of energy you gain and just how contagious it becomes. The momentum will grow and your 15 minutes will easily turn into 30 minutes. Before you know it, an hour will have gone by and you will feel a noticeable energetic shift and uplifting, as positive energy flows in your surroundings.

Decluttering brings in clarity and focus, and helps you take control of your life. By paying attention to what is going out, you will naturally become more aware of what is coming back in. The personal decisions you make as you manage your clutter will allow you to create an environment of your own choosing. You will feel nurtured as you surround yourself with things that you love.

It’s time to release that stuck energy and get out of your rut. Start the New Year by letting go of the past and making space in your life for new possibilities!

Author's Bio: 

Susan Tartaglino is a certified practitioner who trained with feng shui master Nancilee Wydra, founder of the Pyramid School of Feng Shui. Susan received her certification through the Feng Shui Institute of America, an international organization founded under the Pyramid School philosophy.

It was during her residency in Hong Kong in the 1980's that Susan was first introduced to the concepts of feng shui. Susan has combined her years of feng shui study with her passion for interior and exterior design to help others achieve balance, comfort and inspiration in their environment and in their life.

Susan is a Red Ribbon Professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

Other interests include a dedicated yoga practice and spending healing time with nature in her garden.