Fentanyl is one that is commonly abused, both intentionally and unintentionally. There are some important physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral changes that set in when one develops a chemical dependency and it can be detected in a person’s behavior and bodily state and fentanyl may demonstrate many signs and symptoms, including the following

Physical Signs And Symptoms Of Fentanyl Addiction

Shallow or labored breathing
Reduced heart rate
Gastrointestinal distress
Whirling sensation
Swollen feet and hands

Slowdowns inhaling

Behavioral Signs And Symptoms Of Fentanyl Addiction

Continuing to abuse fentanyl or fentanyl derivatives despite difficulties caused by this type of substance abuse.
Substance abuse behaviors ( such as constantly talking or thinking about using or obtaining fentanyl, doctor shopping and stealing money or goods to buy fentanyl)
They may sleep every day, and lose friends, relationships, and jobs in the process.
Being unable to control the frequency and amount of one’s drug-seeking.
Engaging in reckless, risky, or otherwise dangerous behaviors.

Cognitive Signs And Symptoms Of Fentanyl Addiction

Inability to concentrate
Impaired awareness

Obsessive interest in finding more of the drug
Serious cravings for the drug
Suicidal mentation

Psychosocial Signs And Symptoms Of Fentanyl Addiction

Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
Mental illness

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