Rajasthan, a culturally rich state, contains satisfying sensibilities and ethnical traditions, reflecting the true ancient Indian way of life. Here, the atmosphere and swiftness is so overwhelming that no matter where you have been before Rajasthan, this beautiful land will never fail to amaze you.

Rajasthan’s copious festivals fill up this state with its engaging bright colors and to add on, this state has now become a nucleus of cultural tourism and so have the festivals. A figure of joyful festivals including elephants, camel races, music, and dance performances are structured for tourists. A little of the most acknowledged festivals includes Mewar Festival, Marwar Festival, Teej Festival, Desert Festival, Gangaur Festival, Kajli Teej Festival, and Bikaner Camel Festival. These festivals play a congregation to thousands of people every year who make it a tip to be in attendance here not just from India but across the sphere.

To one side from the mesmerizing and enthralling splendour that this state is known for, the Mewar Festival held during March-April is one such appealing festival. A breathtaking welcome to the spring season, this festival is a visual feast with Rajasthani songs, dances, processions, devotional music, and firework displays. Moving to another pleasurable festival, The Marwar Festival is the place to experience Jodhpur's art and culture at its brilliance, held every year in the month of October. This festival, committed exclusively to the folk dance and music of Marwari, is held across two days during the full moon of Sharad Purnima. Marking the start of monsoons and contentment now comes the festival of teej, celebrated here with great ecstasy and colorful customaries. Believed during the monsoon season, the festival of Teej is devoted to Lord Shiva and Parvati which is distinguished by married women who pray for a blissful and long married life. Rajasthan moreover celebrates Desert Festival with great enthusiasm and gusto which is organized once a year during winter season, in the middle of the sands of the grand Thar Desert. The state of Rajasthan is one of the most admired tourist destinations around the globe and celebrating this festival simply adds magic and charisma to the fullest. Further, Eminent with great spectacle, the Gangaur Festival is one of the most popular festivals and events in Rajasthan that bears a unique significance in the hearts of the Rajasthani people. This continues for 18 days and wrapped up with the arrival of Lord Shiva to escort his bride home. A grand march past of beautifully ornamented elephants, camels, horses and dancing people with joyous children & drummers carries the idol of Gauri in magnificently decorated palanquin.

Rajasthan's tradition can be captured at its best, in Kajli Teej festival, a vibrantly affected and lively event, where Goddess Uma is worshipped by the seekers of marital bliss and love. At the very initial time of monsoon, swings are festooned with flowers. Little girls dress up in multi-coloured attires and sing monsoon songs to celebrate the arrival of the monsoon season. Coming to another fascinating festival, earlier the survival of the people of this state largely depended on the "Ship of the Desert" - the camel and with such a long participation with camels, the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture choose to hold Visit Pushkar camel fair. Camel Festival, along with the desert region's folk dances and music is organized in the month of January .It is a fashionable camel fair with no other cattle on show, a festival when the ‘ships of the desert’ are seen at their greatest.

Throughout these festivals, complete Rajasthan takes part in making them an ostentatious event. People from different types of community bring existence to these festivals with their active participation. Rajasthan is an exotic state where tradition and glory meet in beautiful colours against the setting of sands and desert. All these characteristics make Rajasthan’s festival on the roll and exclusive site to explore. This definitely marvels a true lifetime experience!

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