Waxing is the most popular choice to keep your skin hair free and smooth for a long time. If you want to wax hair in smaller areas such as upper lip, eyebrows or hair on your back, chest, or legs, you need to make some preparations before stepping to your salon or starting the process. 

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Preparing yourself for waxing not only helps you to reduce pain and discomfort but also helps to obtain effective results. Here are few tips that help you to overcome your fear and make a good experience.

Check your skin

In case, you have skin rashes or broken skin you need to wait until it gets heal. So, check your skin condition before taking appointment and getting ready for your wax session. Also, inform the therapist regarding your beauty marks or moles to protect them. 

Let your hair grow

Shaving cuts your hair near the follicle and makes your skin vulnerable. Your waxing experience becomes more difficult, painful, and longer. If your hair is too short, then your therapist will not be able to clean it thoroughly. In case your hair is too long, waxing is more painful as it cannot hold the wax.

So, let your hair grow but not too long or short 1/4-inch-long hair or 2 to 3 weeks growth is ideal to take an appointment for your waxing session. 


You can use a smooth and gentle scrub 1 or 2 days before your waxing. By doing this, you can remove dead cells present on your skin. Also, it helps the wax take hold of your hair not your skin and makes pulling less painful. 

Scrubbing with force remain marks on the sensitive skin, so you need to be cautious while exfoliating. Washcloth is the best option for exfoliating, but don’t cleanse with force.

Wear comfortable clothes

Tight and skinny jeans or leggings ensnare moisture and heat against your skin, but your skin requires breathe after waxing. Wearing these types of clothes may worsen the soreness. So, leave tight clothes beside and get loose pants and joggers to wear post-wax. 

In case you are waxing first-time medications like Advil, Ibuprofen, or others helps to get pain relief, ease the shock, and soreness of wax. Also, avoid alcohol or coffee intake as it makes your skin more sensitive to the pain. For fresh waxing experience shower before going to wax, avoid shower immediately post-wax and wait till 24 hours.

Waxing hurts and the level of pain will be more if you are experiencing first-time. It even makes your skin sore and red, if your skin is sensitive. A well experienced therapist communicates with you and helps to ease along. So, choose the salon that provide quality services for their customers and book an appointment today. 

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