The concept of Olympics started ages back in the world Greek. To hold on the athletic events Greek people used to organize festivals, and games from small to wide range. It is a game where every athlete’s can highlight his or her excellence in the particular field. To win over as an athlete one has to undergo through training, hard work, determination and building up the confidence to accomplish the game. It is a game of both physical fitness and moral education or values. Every two years Olympics held and this year London Olympics 2012 is creating a great buzz. Among all, London Olympic 2012 stadiums are the most latest and unique in design.

Since its inception to till date, the Olympic Games have seen a lot of change. These changes are very positive and free spirited. Olympic Games are dived into two segments of games, one is summer Olympic Games and another one is winter Olympic Games. Olympics 2012 held in London is referred as summer games. The main motto of this year Olympics is “Inspire a Generation” which is starting from 27 July with the opening ceremony. The mascot of this year Olympics and even Paralympics revealed together and they are Wenlock and Mandeville respectively. Around ten thousand five hundred athletes are taking part from all around the world. It will continue until 12 August and will close followed by the closing ceremony.

Olympic 2012 stadiums are categorized into summer 2012 Olympics and summer 2012 Paralympics. It is located in Stratford district and had a very latest and unique capacity of eighty thousand seats, which makes it the third largest stadium in Great Britain. Populous is the architect of the stadium and the firm is very innovative and used lot of creativity and modern technology to construct the stadium. It took almost four years to complete the stadium. The sitting arrangement of the stadium is designed with every specification and with great transparency. The aesthetic structure of the whole stadium gives an eye pleasing view and fulfills all the essential requirements.

For Olympics 2012 London has geared up totally with their security and traffics. They are taking lot of initiatives in making the game and event successful above the expectations. Every bit has taken good care with perfection. Olympics 2012 stadiums for both Olympic and Paralympics are designed in a great way and it has given full support in space not only to the athletes but also to the spectators who will come and enjoy the every game of their choice so that they can take the full experience of the Olympic Games.

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