If you want to illuminate your space then you have endless options which is indeed a blessing. Blessing because you have various options available that can meet your preferences, but the downside is that with so many choices it can be overwhelming to pick one. 

However, if you use any
Sofary lighting for mix n match then you must remember following do’s and don’ts.

The list of Do’s 

  1. Layer the types of light

Foundation of all well-lit spaces will be layering the light, as layers can help create dimension, set a mood, illuminate function, and can improve versatility of the space. 

You must ensure to include minimum 2 types of lights: 

  • Ambient
  • Accent and/or task. 

You must reason out which one you must include in the lighting design.

  1. After creating focal point don’t distract

Lighting is used as a tool for drawing attention to any of the element in the room where you want to focus, like fireplace mantel or a piece of artwork. 

Often track lighting or wall sconces are meant for complementing or direct towards anything you prefer to choose as a center of attention.

  1. Coordinate across rooms

It will always be better to choose a single style for all the rooms in case you have open floor plan. By using such type of light as well as fixture, it will create breaks and then distinguish between various functions of each of the space.

  1. Mix finishes tastefully

It will be better to mix minimum 2, but not more than 4 finishes in each of the room. It will be most difficult to do well, particularly if you are a novice to lighting. 

If you are looking for more experience, then visit a lighting showroom to move actual fixtures around and see what will look good together.

Following are few Don’ts

  1. Try to do lots of things in one room

As we mentioned before, you have got plenty of options. It can often be confusing and uncomfortable to try incorporating too many different things into single space. 

Better to start simply with all your favorites and essential fixtures meant for illumination, and after that add as needed.

  1. Be afraid to attempt anything new

Whether you prefer to change the function of your room or breathing new life to any tired space, changing the lighting will always add a dramatic effect. 

Any new lighting style can give you best visual transformation, and the light type fixtures will effectively create emotive evolution.

  1. Stray much too far from your comfort zone 

If you are not comfortable with the fixture then do not try to do too many experiments. Prefer to choose only those fixtures that you enjoy working with. 

  1. Pick up the light fixtures only based on looks

It is always better to consider function of the lighting and don’t prefer to purchase light fixtures just by looking at it. Always you must start by defining the different ways your space can be used. 

Then select light fixtures, which serve that purpose of appealing your taste.

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