In addition to the increasing size of Artificial Intelligence, there is now also Augmented Reality (supplemented reality). But what is Augmented Reality? AR, short for Augmented Reality, is a technological method that allows you to create a digital image of reality. This is done via a smartphone screen, AR glasses or via another projection method. So there is actually something extra added to reality, as can be seen, for example, via the Google Maps Live View app .

Or take the following example with M & M's. You buy a bag of M & M's and scan the packaging with your smartphone. Then you see on the screen the mascots of M&M come out of the package and put their thumbs up and smile at you. That is one example.

Another example is online shopping for a new bank. You have no idea how that couch is in the living room. You sketch an image in your head, but with AR you no longer have to. With the help of AR, you can easily see the new sofa in your living room. And so, you can immediately see if it fits with the rest of your interior. Ideal right? In any case, marketers are very happy about this, because it opens enough new doors.

Augmented Reality is going to be very big

At least that's what Apple CEO Tim Cook says. He believes it is the next major technological development that will develop strongly in five to ten years. Because of this strong development, it will have a lot of influence on our daily lives. Cook, therefore, indicates that he is super enthusiastic and sees many interesting opportunities.

In the beginning, it will mainly be used for games, but in the future, we will probably see it everywhere. Not only in games and online shopping but also in healthcare and booking holidays. In today's life, it becomes more popular, that is why we are here talking about it And if you want to see its update and news the google it.

Plenty of opportunities for marketers

This virtual layer over our physical environment therefore offers marketers all kinds of interesting possibilities. You can get the target group moving. Brand branding comes to life even more, experience and playing with the senses ensure more interaction with the brand. Moreover, AR is easily accessible, because everyone nowadays has a smartphone.

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