Al Fahidi Historical District is generally referred to as Al Bastakiya too. It cultivates the memories of an era that dates back to the period before the Federation of Emirates. It is today known for flamboyance and glamour but there was a different story altogether, before the discovery of oil and the union of Emirati tribes in 1971. UAE was initially an area of sheikdoms where Bedouins lived as farmers, herders and fishermen. It was a country known for pearls with many trade routes like Silk Road to China, Persian Routes to Rome, British Spice Route to China and Portuguese African Routes.

The old town of Dubai has taken a huge initiative to transform itself into what it looks like today. Explore the Bastakiya quarter, the oldest residential area in Dubai. One can see the ochre-coloured buildings made of coral, gypsum, mud and palm wood while walking through the alleys. The houses are ornamented with the towers.
Wind Towers are the conventional air conditioners of the Middle East and many elegant wooden doors that you will come across will lead to hotels, cafes and galleries. If we talk about the cuisine here, one can choose between a Western and Arabian meal with around 150 varieties of delicacies. XVA is an art gallery worth visiting on your Dubai city breaks that constitute of high-quality artwork from different corners of the world. Another famous attraction of the place is the Majlis Gallery. This fine art gallery exhibits high-quality artworks from around the world bringing different artists under one roof.
If you are lucky enough, you might be a part of SIKKA Art Fair. This art fair coincides with the Dubai’s Annual Art Week which is held in the month of March every year. Here in SIKKA, you can see performances of talented UAE based artists during your Dubai break.
From SIKKA head over to the SMCCU i.e. Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. The centre is known to promote cultural and historical awareness programs. It has an ‘open door and an open mind; policy where unrestricted political and religious discussions are encouraged. Here, one can also relish homemade Emirati and Bedouin food throughout the visit.
To explore the old town to it’s full, visit the Al Fahidi Fort, built in the late 1700s. This building is made with coral shells, cemented together with lime. Further in 1971, this place was converted into Dubai Museum which is now a home to ancient artefacts, traditional weapons and exhibitions that display old lifestyle. Experience the pulsing nightlife with a dinner cruise that offers live entertainment shows like Belly dancing or simply enjoy a scrumptious dinner at any Arabian restaurant that matches the ambience of Bastakiya nights.
If you want to make your new year full of joy and blasting then go for last minute city breaks to Dubai and feel the ecstasy of being there.

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