The farming sector has not remained untouched with the advancement in technlogly. There are many changes happening in this sector too. Various farming equipment like tractors and other agricultural equipment has provided enough thrust on the agriculture areas.

The use of tractors has reduced the involvement of human labor to a great extent and also increased the yield of various farms drastically.

Southern Global Tractor has also contributed to this sector by offering a great repair and maintenance service for your Kubota graveyard tractors. Here in this article, we shall talk about a few other farm equipment that has offered an additional boost to this farm sector. 

  1. Rotavator

Rotavator is a kind of tractor implement that is made from a few sets of blades that are connected to a motor, which rotates and churns, and also aerate the soil. It will make the soil ready for harvesting and cropping.   

  • Plough

All the best tractors manufacturers and also successful farmers recommend the plow equipment recommended that can turn and break the soil and also proves successful to control the growth of any unwanted weeds.

  • Cultivator

It is a tractor accessory that is capable of reducing the soil into very smaller particles. The metal thorns that are fastened to this equipment will kill the weeds and also prepare the soil to sow the seeds.

  • Trailer

The trailers can increase the carrying capacity of any robust farming equipment. The spacious tools used are a boon for all the farmers. The trailer can be used for various purposes including transportation of the yield and also people.

  • Harrow

Harrow is an upgraded version of the plow. Like plow may get deep inside the soil and can help in basic cultivation. Harrow can go deeper, can break the soil into very fine particles, and then prepare the soil for any further procedures in a much better manner than plowing or cultivating.


All-terrain vehicles and utility vehicles are very fun type of farm equipment, but at the same time, they are also very handy. For those who have got a large property, for them, it is a nice option besides walking every place.

ATVs and UTVs will be great for hauling your equipment or harvest. They can also tow small trailers, also you can get the necessary attachments for different models.

  • Farm truck

There are many different ways of doing farming by using either your Mini or Prius but if you ever think that you will have to take the support of any other animal like bull or goat in your hatchback, then you may always wish for a truck.

You can get many different sizes of trucks that can easily fit your own farm’s needs. So you must decide whether you will prefer to pull the trailer, make many long trips, put a suitable cap on the bed, or perhaps you will prefer to drive it through the fields.

After you know what tasks you expect from your truck, you can always find the farm truck of the right size.

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