I would like to write and comment on a few funny life quotes and sayings from this hub that made quite a deep impact on my life and work. I am convinced that every dream come true, every deed begins from a single idea – hereby I present few brilliant ones to inspire some and to warn others.

What is given to you can also be taken from you. (P. Syrus)
If you have read the famous story of Job from the Bible, you should know that he was a prosperous, wealthy and healthy man. Besides, he was quite God fearing and would offer sacrifices to God every day. He had many children and he would always pray for them to God. To put the story short, God tested him and let the Devil take away everything he had: his home, his riches, his children, even his health. The devil could not touch his soul, however and wife which is pretty weird. She was nagging him to curse God because of their troubles. Job did not curse God, he remained faithful despite all the shakedowns and God gave rewarded him with health, riches, children and glory tenfold. This is the best example I have so far about the quote above. Some scholars think that he lost everything because he feared and contemplated about loosing it. Anyway, there are always two sides of the stick: you may loose and you may gain. He gained at the end.

Every day is a student of yesterday. (P. Syrus)
We have to study all our lives until we die. I completely agree with the thought. Our best teacher is our past experience. Someone said that we ought to learn from mistakes of others, but disappointing as it may seem, we mostly learn from our recently made mistakes. On the other hand when we succeed, we remember what brought us our luck and do the same thing, only better.

Every once in a lifetime our fortune is knocking at our doors, but we usually sit at the nearby inn and can’t hear the knocking. (M. Twain)
I remember one story about an investor in our country. About fifteen years ago a small communication firm was coming to my country and was looking for investing partners. One investor was invited to join the business venture and become one of the key shareholders of the company. He thought about it for a while and refused, because it seemed to him that the business is too demanding and inauspicious. After only a few years they became the leading communications company in the whole country’s market with millions of profit annually. That’s just a simple example of the greatest mistakes and missed chances that one can make in his life time. There are numerous daring investors who might have lost a million or two in unsuccessful ventures or just because of bad luck. Despite all the draw downs, they did not step back in despair and kept working instead, until finally success came. I believe we should always be waiting for our chance to open up the door to success. We just have to hear the knock.

Whosever makes friend because it is good for business will soon loose friends, because it might be also profitable. (L. A. Seneca)
If you doubt about your friends, you should read more on friendship quotes. This last one about friends only confirms the truth that you cannot buy or sell friends. They come into your life naturally and only devotion and love will keep them and bind you for a lifetime. Everything else is just business.

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I have been building up my online business and working in a full time IT job for a couple of years. Despite many shortfalls and problems, I would always try to find a brighter side of things. That's what keeps me going and finally reaching my goals.
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