Nowadays most companies make it their top priority to create positive work environment in their company for their employees. Such thing usually comes with team building activities, productivity incentives, positive feedback, and various workplace wellness plans.

Another easiest way of enhancing productivity in any workplace is making healthy vending machine available at work. Healthy vending at the work place can provide convenient, easy and affordable options.

Stay Healthy Vending Miami will offer you their vending machines that are having glass front machines which can hold any kind of combination of snacks or drinks. They can wrap the machine by using any logo or design that you would like.

Following are few great ways to encourage better health of your employees:

  • Access to different healthier options

As vending machines will generally be loaded with a wide variety of healthy snacks, meals and drinks, which will offer an added option to eat hot and healthy lunch without any run out. This will offer employees easier access to various healthier food choices, which can support personal wellness goals.

Satisfied employees will certainly be more productive and also will take less leave due to any health issues. If employees eat healthy food then he is likely to offer 25% more time and energy for the job.

  • Improved employee satisfaction

If your workforce is happier then they will remain happy too. As the employer ensures all the basic needs of his employees easily reachable then it will work as big morale booster. Your employees will feel that they are cared which will increase their satisfaction index.

Due to your staff’s health and wellness, your business success will be improved due to improved productivity and lower absenteeism.  By making healthier food options during the workday will make positive difference on your productivity, performance, moral and mood.

  • Encourage healthier eating

We all know that healthy eating will prevent any diseases like diabetes and cancer, but did you realize that unhealthy eating can also increase risk of productivity loss, as per the study published in the science journal of Population Health Management.

  • Develop smoke free workplace

We all know that tobacco smoking cause maximum deaths all over the world. By reducing the smoking effects in workplace will be paramount to better health of your employee.

By encouraging employees to do exercise is really a great way of encouraging better employee health. Neither it should be very expensive too. There are plenty of low-cost methods available to encourage physical exercises.

  • Improve mental health

As per recent reports, ignoring mental health may cost minimum $11 billion to few Australian companies alone. So, we all have responsibility to care for one another. One way that you can easily do this is in the workplace

  • Avoid longer chair time

Research has proved that the lifestyles of people who usually sit for maximum time in the day will have 54% more chance to die due to heart attacks.

  • Encourage healthy weights

By encouraging your people to have much healthier body weight, really you are encouraging your people to live much longer and happier lives.

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