After buying a smartphone often people might think that it is incomplete without a proper shelter. That is when you need to keep a fancy mobile cover to give your mobile phone an altogether a different look. Today android covers have become a very trendy fashion icon for all. Using diversified models of the mobile cover is not a fancy anymore rather it has become a symbol of one’s taste and choice. Gone are those days when you used to maintain holster that hangs from your neck where the mobile phones were kept. They have become quite boring and outdated these days. Today, people are much inclined to purchase those mobile accessories which are handy, safe and suit the modern taste of fashion. There are certain things which usually matters when you are going to purchase a mobile cover.

The safety factor is one such primary thing when it comes to mobile accessories. After buying a mobile phone it is quite necessary for you to look after the safety factor in it. There are high chances for you to slip off the phone from your hand. Once that happens, the mobile screen may get scar marks on it due to an unexpected scratch. For that, it is better to use the leather flip covers which are safe to use. Let’s take a brief look towards a different type of trendy mobile covers which are pretty popular in the market. They are:

Snap in mobile covers are very popular these days: If you are someone who wants to grab a mobile cover that can be equally safe and trendy looking then you can go for snap-in covers for keeping your android phones or smartphones safe. These snap in covers come in various types. Some of them are made of hard or soft plastic that snaps together. There is snap on mobile covers made of leather are also quite popular these days. These snap in mobile covers also come in skin colour also these days. They are much popular because of their high elasticity. They can protect your mobile screen from the scratches and easily avoid your mobile screen to develop a scar mark on it. These covers fit every kind of smartphones and they are usually available in different colours in the market.

Rubberised mobile covers: The rubberized mobile covers are best for the android phones that have a slick look. Their soft touch gives you a smooth and hassle-free texting, surfing, chatting and messaging. Its dynamic looking laser cut silicon appearance on your android keyboard gives it a different appearance that does not allow the dirt to come and settle down on the screen of your android phone. They are perfect slim fit in your pocket and in your purse. There are plenty of colours available in the market. If you are marvel comics fan or a DC comics fan, you can get the tattoo of your own superhero done in those covers and use it to rest your favourite tech that suits your personality. The most vital thing is they are pocket-friendly too.

Android leather phone covers: The leather covers for wrapping up the android phones that can be clipped on a belt is a popular girlie thing these days. Maintaining trendy phone cases with belt that is made of leather is something that gives a unique appearance to women these days. It is fully adjustable with a clip that can be twisted and revolved all around very easily. It is not only a fashion icon for women but they are a perfect match with a matching belt. Such accessories go best with jeans and full or half sleeves. That is the only reason they are a popular fancy accessory these days. These pocket-friendly trendy phone cases with belt have a long elasticity and heavy endurance if maintained properly. These accessories are quite acceptable amongst the women of all ages with different fashion sense. They generally go with a customised jumpsuit that can be worn with a belt.

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The writer of this article is Mr. Chiranjit Roy, who owns a mobile phone accessories store where Phone Cases with belt are being sold. His store is very popular for various customized mobile covers made of rubber, soft plastic silicon etc. Recently he has launched an online store for increasing the sale.