How did your dog get these fleas and ticks?

flea lifecycle

Generally your pet can get affected by the flea and tick by some other flea – infested animal such as stray cat, stray dog or urban wildlife or some other neighbor cat or dog, mainly raccoons and opossums, grass and the female flea is laying eggs and the eggs are basically rained off into the environment. Those eggs developed into adults as well as those fleas jumped onto your pet.

Once your pet becomes allergic to the flea, then fleas generally spend 90% of their time off with the dog. You cannot actually able to see when you look at your dog. If you want evidence that your dog is infested with fleas then look out for specs of brownish, black spots which are undoubtedly fleas’ excreta.

Best and Effective medication Frontline spot on for medium dogs

One of the trusted household name for medium dog to fight against fleas and ticks is Frontline Spot On. It helps to keep your pet happy, comfortable and healthy if you use it regularly. Almost all dogs may experience fleas at some point in their lives, as it may cause needless irritation. Frontline contains active ingredient Fipronil; a veterinary strength chemical which kills fleas and will also fight against ticks and biting lice.

Benefits of Frontline Spot On:

  • It kills 100% of fleas within2 days
  • Very effective treatment for 2 months in terms of fleas control for dogs
  • Kills ticks within 2 days
  • Very effective against ticks for one month after treatment
  • Lice infestations are under control within 48 hours

Save your pet from flea and ticks by using the Yellow Frontline top spot

The yellow Frontline top spot for dogs is used for small dogs Up to 22-lbs. It is a monthly topical medication to prevent your dogs from flea and ticks infestations. It works on the American dog tick, the deer tick, the lone star tick and brown dog tick. It is very strong and powerful against ticks in all stages of their life stages, from larvae through adulthood. This insures that the entire tick population on your pet is destroyed as it is powered by fipronil, which is a broad-spectrum insecticide that disrupts the central nervous system of fleas as well as ticks.

Benefits of Frontline top spot:

  • It helps to kill all stages of fleas and ticks in 12 hours
  • Easy monthly application
  • Convenient spot treatment for fast acting, long-lasting control of fleas and ticks
  • Prevents re-infestation
  • Kills newly emerged adult fleas before they lay eggs
  • Controls fleas which may cause flea allergy dermatitis

Safety measures from the treatment for Flea and Tick control for dogs

  • During the treatment, if irritation occurs to your pet then contact and consult with your expert veterinarian immediately. If you take it lightly then it can be harmful for your pet's life.
  • Be alert about the reaction and behavior of your pet.
  • Keep away from children.

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