The psychometric testing platform has become quite well-established these days. Two types of psychometric tests are conducted:

-Aptitude test
-Personality test

The aptitude test is conducted to map out the areas of capability, skills and aptitude of the candidate.
The personality test is administered to analyze one's personality traits.

There are few things employers should consider before choosing psychometric tests, the most important being the available budget.

Budget: A few psychometric tests are free of cost while others are bit expensive, but when it comes to choosing an employee one should not compromise with the price as the right employee is a must for the development of a company. A newly-established company would find it difficult to implement psychometric testing if they are not familiar with such methods. But a well-established company may not give a second thought while implementing the psychometric testing platform. Besides this, one has to often pay for added consultancy services. But the amount one invests in integrating this system into the recruitment process will be soon paid back by selecting the right employee. This will help to place the right person in the right position. Thus, for a successful business some initial amount of investment is mandatory.

Time-Saving: Another additional benefit is that less time is required for recruiting the employees, making the process time-saving. There are several companies which provide these psychometric tests at lower prices with all the desired features obviously there would be a slight difference in quality.

Reliability and validity: are two key aspects of the selection process:
A reliable test is one in which results are the same no matter when the tests are performed. Top-quality psychometric tests should give a consistent and accurate result with each testing. The test should not give varied results. Always research the scientific validity of the test. While purchasing a psychometric test, ask the supplier about its credibility. Never buy it before you do a detailed research on it. If you are done with a detailed research and the price matches your budget then immediately purchase it.

Easy interpretation of the results: The results displayed by these psychometric tests should be easily understood by common people. It should not raise the requirement of another employee to interpret the results as it will add to the investment. The results should be displayed in the simplest manner so that one can compare the results of candidates with ease. This would reduce the workload and the time required for assessing of results would be decreased too.

It should be user-friendly: While choosing the psychometric test one should search for a user- friendly operating system. In a fast moving world, one has to opt for such systems which are easy to administer and score and require no additional efforts.

Should be broad spectrum: This means that a psychometric test should cover different dimensions of personality, thus it should not be restricted to few personality traits.

Integration: One should be well aware of the package before integrating psychometric test in your recruitment system. One should look for the best possible package. It should be cheap and should have all the desired benefits that are necessary for recruiting an employee.

Multi-tasking: It should be able to access more than one aspect of an evaluation process.

Feedback: The psychometric test should provide reliable feedback as this acts as a motivation for employees since if they're going to get feedback results, that will ensure that they spend more time in performing such tests.

Requirement-oriented: Most importantly psychometric tests should meet the requirement of the company. Thus, for recruiting an employee, each company should integrate psychometric testing in its recruitment process.

Upgradable: Tests should be upgradable. The norms should applicable for each and every type of testing be it be aptitude testing or personality testing.

Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK and South Africa are widely, making use of psychometric testing these days for recruiting employees. Psychometric tests on-line provide major benefits as one can appear for the exam from any part of the world. One need not commute to a distant examination center to appear for the test.

Before purchasing any psychometric test one should have a trial of the psychometric tests on-line series.

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