When it comes to fiber and digestive health, no doubt you've heard that eating enough fiber is necessary to prevent constipation and keep bowel movements healthy. But there are so many other reasons why eating a lot of fiber is important. Let's take a look at why.

Firstly, fiber helps the digestion of food in two ways. Soluble fiber absorbs water, which makes stools softer. On the other hand, insoluble fiber bulks stools up and nourishes the colon lining. Therefore, it's important to get both types of fiber in your diet, through eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, seeds, lentils, and whole grains.

That's just the basic stuff! You may be surprised to learn that scientific research indicates that diets high in fiber have a range of health benefits beyond the colon.

Conditions such as diverticulosis, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes are all linked to the amount of fiber consumed.

One study found that eating a lot of insoluble fiber, especially that from plants, could reduce the risk of getting diverticulosis by 40 percent. This is particularly important because it's a condition that many older people get. Pouches start protruding from the wall of the colon, and it can be very painful when they get inflamed. Around one third of Americans over 45 and two thirds of Americans over the age of 85 have it.

Analysis of many scientific studies have found that consuming a couple of extra portions of whole grain foods a day can cut the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes by 21 per cent.

What's interesting is that there's been very little scientific research that's supported the common belief that eating lots of fiber is beneficial to ward off colon cancer.

If you are concerned about not getting enough fiber from your diet, it's possible to take a health supplement to address the problem. There are many brands of nutritional health supplements available that can aid you in your quest for a healthier digestive system, which can all help your fiber and digestive health needs.

Now that you know the importance that good fiber and digestive health balancing can do for you, take a look on the internet and research more on the topic and see what you can find, and check out some of the supplements that are on the market.

One remarkable new supplement is a kiwi fruit extract product, made from the fibrous kiwi fruit skin and pulp. It's extremely beneficial for digestive health, including alleviating constipation and helping maintain the balance of bacteria in the colon.

Find out more about the important health benefits of kiwi fruits for digestion and how fiber and digestive health affects your body.

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Maya S. Cook is enthusiastic about natural health, and has been taking natural health supplements for many years. She's the founder and editor of Be Well Naturally Guide and writes on a range of natural health and wellness topics.