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Submitter's Note: This article was largely based upon a most
inspiring adress by the Rev Robert Schuller from the excellent TV program, The Hour of Power ( and, which I "felt guided" to share. I have personalised some of the information and applied the principles to my life, adding a few points of my own from this writer's personal odyssey. Thank you sincerely, Dr Schuller for sharing your insights and wisdom in encouraging, uplifting and inspiring mee down my 'untrodden path'; but most of all, for serving as a vessel to illuminate God's unlimited love for ALL of us, His children.
Sixteen Dynamic Principles to Make your Wildest Dreams Come True - How to Put Awesome Power into your Life

What dreams would you have, if you knew you could not possibly fail?

Here are the Sixteen Principles as expounded (is there such a word?) by Dr Schuller, which I've applied down my "unchartered journey, sliding down the rapids of life"...

Achievers are believers".

"If you can believe, all things are possible to those who
- Mark 9:23

Having studied psychology, these spiritual laws mentioned are totally in alignment with psychological (ie. the study of the human mind) principles. I truly believe that! And have lived the following principles, learnt them from experience over many years in the "school of life" and have applied them in every area of my personal life. I can vouch for the fact that they DO work!

1. Discover the Awesome Power of a Dream:
Find then follow a grand vision for the future, one that will capture your entire heart, your soul and at the deepest level, your spirit.
ny vocation, passionately pursued is a worthy and great one!
Open your mind up to the awesome power of your creative imagination (the way "God "speaks" to us, through the subconscious mind, our "Godgate", I believe). Allow yourself the courage and freedom to fantasise until you get a vision.
Visualise, then BELIEVE.

Meditate deeply to get in touch with the "real you", your authentic or Higher Self. Pray (if you do that), ask God, the Source
what is your unique "calling in life"... and you WILL eventually
get the answer... from the "still quiet voice within"... or what I like to call "the voiceless voice"- a gentle nudging, prodding or prompting on the way ahead. (Incidentally, sharing this article is part of what I believe to be my "calling").You are now thinking in the "lofty" dimension of your Higher Self, the "real you" or Authentic Self. It's another level of LIVING and "dreaming". In meditation (and prayer), you are elevating your thinking to the highest level of consciousness and connecting your unique spirit to a far Grander Spirit, the Infinite Spirit of the Universe. There is unlimited power and wisdom in this (and this is not "airy-fairy" stuff")! It's a practical tool in using the amazing power of the human mind to the fullest and can be easily mastered by anyone who truly believes in the principles (as Jesus Christ Himself and Buddha, so perfectly understood the human condition). It's another dimension (or realm) to life, that's hard for us to comprehend. The key lies in finding the right balance between living in the physical and spiritual worlds (great article, thanks for sharing, Catherine), as they overlap in our human consciousness.

Where do you find the vision? You find it by looking for people
who have needs and hurts. The secret of success in business is
finding a human need and then filling it. Find a problem to solve through the awesome power of a vision. An unknown author wrote these wise words: "To have grown wise and kind is real success." Great!

John Henry Newman once wrote: "God has created me to do
for Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me,
which He has not committed to another." It is always related to the
good, the well-being of others. Often it is 'a new thing I want to do with you'. And Leo Tolstoi once wrote: "The vocation of every man and woman is to SERVE other people."

Making a difference by encouraging others and sharing my
writings and articles like this was a vision "total non-techno" I had many years back, after we landed in a small town on the other side of the world from my "beloved country", South Africa ... and well before I had heard of something called the internet!

Extremely difficult circumstances and it seemed like a
"pipe-dream" for so long...
yet I now KNOW that nothing is impossible with faith (great), persistence +
hard work! When you are on the right track and get truly connected with a Higher Power everything eventually falls into place, like the pieces of a jig-saw puzzle. All you have ever done before somehow PREPARES you for what you have to do, and when you look back you will see the "hand of God" guiding you each step of the way. (As Mother Teresa once said: "We are all pencils in the hand of God" ). It's magical the way the mysteries of life unfold, when you do what you are MEANT (ie. are called) to do. You are then following God's plan for you life with no strain!

2. Allow your Dream to Sit in the Driver's Seat of your Life,
the "core of your being". It will motivate and energise you with PASSION. Remember, only YOU have the power to kill your dream. Nothing is impossible to the person, whose vision becomes a dream and when that dream is allowed to take control over their life.

3. Develop a Success Consciousness, an EXPECTATION that you will achieve your dream one day. It's a positive pattern of thinking, a great mindset to have, which will propel you down the road to personal success (or to achieve whatever goal you have in mind). Don't surrender to negative assumptions. Eg. "I'm too old, a woman, "a mere techno-dummy dinosaur", have no money, no resources, no contacts", etc. Challenge them. Nothing is impossible to the person, who fervently believes in their dream with "heaps" of "mountain-moving") faith... and has a dash of imagination (and you can get that by simply asking)!

The teachings of Jesus Christ, the greatest "Possibility Thinker/Psychiatrist" the world has ever seen, are practical and relevant TODAY as a guide for living, as Jesus understood perfectly the human condition. The principles DO work as much today as eternal truths... just as they were valid 2000 years ago!

4. KNOW that there is a God, a Higher Power, your Creator, an Infinite Spirit, the Grand Designer of Life - One Who/That cares for you deeply...and that there is is a UNIQUE plan for your life. Listen to the quiet voice of God, the "still voice within whispering to you" (through your heart and soul)...and when you seek you WILL get an answer. It's just up to YOU to DISCOVER your "calling", then declare it (to the world, should you wish). If you are a private sort sort of person, keep your dream quietly to yourself and just DO it!).
It's your grand purpose in life and God, the Great Spirit of the Universe, will honour you and help you to fulfill it. When you give 100 dedication and commitment and fully TRUST, God, Higher Intelligence, the Life Force, 'the "Essence of Life' will see to it, that your dream some sunny day comes to pass.

5. Have a dynamic positive attitude to life. CHOOSE it. Be
flexible in your thinking. Develop a positive EXPECTANCY
that your dream will one day come to fruition.
Really KNOW in your heart that your deepest desires and aspirations, your calling will eventually be fulfilled.

6. BELIEVE in yourself with honesty and humility....and not
arrogance. It's a quiet confidence and is not being "big-headed" saying things, like "I am unique, somebody special. Say, I KNOW I can (make a difference, some impact
in this amazing and beautiful world of ours, etc")!

Many people (even close friends) won't understand your motivations and your unique path, "the road less travelled" (as Scott Peck called it) ...but who cares. They will be amazed one day at what you have accomplished... and all you need is a big helping of COURAGE, plus a dash of persistence and patience... of course!.

7. PERSIST: Look at all the options and check them each day.
Obstacles and pressures shift, like sand-storms. Never ever walk away from problems. Say, "I will until".

8. Be patient. VERY! Like a good wine, a great dream takes many many years to mature. When nothing seems to be happening, don't give up. (I can certainly vouch for those feelings!)

9. Just TRUST: Have total faith: in yourself and especially in God - a Higher Power, Who (That) cares deeply about you and really BELIEVE God , the Power of the Universe will ensure the outcome that's best for you. TRUST your intuition, your soul. The journey is yours alone - YOUR pathway, your unique destiny... and it's no-one elses.

10. WORK on your faith and it will enlarge.
Former champion racing driver (perhaps the best ever), Ayrton Senna once said: “I am able to experience God’s presence on earth. God gives me strength and life is a present that God has given to us and that we are obliged to keep it, to handle it carefully.” Faith needs work and it's about individual self-realisation.. Senna’s faith provided him with an armour of self-belief in his 'God-given' driving ability.

11. Always remember, God's, the Universe's dreams are far bigger than we could ever imagine ourselves. The dreams of great dreamers are never achieved, but transcended way beyond human comprehension and consciousness.

12.. Be open and flexible in your strategies to achieve your goals, your dream(s). There are may ways to skin a cat (sorry, SPCA). If one road on the path to achieving your dream gets blocked, go round the back way. Just TRUST the process. It DOES work!

13.. Review your strategy and progress from time to time.
Monitor the results. Are you getting the results you want?
How effectively are you progressing down your chosen path? Are you getting the results expected and what you desire?
If not, change your strategy. Through prayer and meditation (+ intuition), ask the Lord for guidance (as God, I believe, works through our subconscious minds).

14.. Listen to others, really listen, instead of thinking what you
are going to say next. Think how can I best help the next person.
As Zig Zigler said, "You get what you want, by helping other people
get what they want."

In turn, if you need help with something, don't be afraid to ASK
politely. People like helping others...and everyone has unique
skills and knowledge, that they like sharing. I have nil "techno"
skills, however some wonderful people, previously strangers, around the world have helped me move my online vision ahead in numerous practical ways. (thanks so much, Stefan, Bill and Erich especially, but countless others over the years). To so many other people around the globe, my generous thanks for all the encouragement, help and support in my writing, especially when my earnest hopes lay in ashes years back. It is through you that I am in the process of achieving my dreams..

you can't do it alone... so ask for help (people like helping others!).
The process of synergy at work , ie 1+1= 3. Everyone has unique gifts and talents.

15.. Never Give Up on the Core of your Dream. Never ever! Ask yourself this vital question: What are the alternatives to NOT dreaming a dream?

strive to be happy.

NB: Always remember...
Success is an ongoing process and not merely a matter of arriving at a particular destination. So take pleasure in the journey. It's great fun overcoming numerous "insurmountable" obstacles and challenges along the way, in doing the "seemingly impossible" and occasionally looking back and seeing ones immense progress.
Celebrate your arriving by acting "as if" you are already successful.
Your subsconscious mind will help move you ahead in the direction of your dreams.

If thou can'st believe, ALL things are possible."
(Jesus's words, I believe!)



N.B: It's not who and what you are now, but WHO you BECOME.
Enjoy the journey of self discovery and growth with "heaps" of fun.

With a strong faith in a Supreme Being, God (and thus with the help of this Higher Power, the Ultimate Source), NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING is impossible!

If you can dream it,
you CAN DO it...
and so shine your unique bright light on the world!

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("Information and Inspiration Distributors, Incorrigible Encouragers and People-builders")

"Life is about finding, then following the dream...and one's
dream/vision comes to reality through believing in yourself,
making the commitment and then creating it."
- craig

"Lord, broaden my horizons for all the rich promises you have in store for me."


P.S: Edwin Hubbel Chapin once said, "Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity." That is the definition of a legacy. Wouldn't you love to do something that might strike a beautiful chord that will "vibrate in eternity"?

"For me true success may be measured by the fortitude, with which so many ordinary people around the globe overcome numerous seemingly insurmountable obstacles through sheer force of character and an indominitable spirit. They rise above the severest adversity down the often rocky journey of life. Unheralded, yet with an unquenchable and infinite generosity of human spirit, these are lives of greatness and souls who are the true heroes of this world."
- Craig Lock (13th August 2004)

"When faced with a mountain, I will not quit
I'll keep on striving until I climb over,
Find a path through, tunnel underneath,
Or simply stay and with God's help turn
my mountain into a gold mine.
I will not quit."
- Rev Robert Schuller, a great inspiration and "mentor" to me in
following my personal dream

About the submitter:
Craig believes in sharing information and insights to make a difference in
this world: to help and especially encourage people along life's magical
journey ... and that brings him the greatest joy.

"We have it all within, but we get from without, the Ultimate Source."
- craig

THIS PIECE MAY BE FREELY PUBLISHED (with acknowledgment to Dr Schuller, please)

"What we learn in the darkness...
we are to share in the eternal light."

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Craig is an extensive world traveller (on a "shoestring budget") and failed professional emigrater who has spent most of his lifes savings on airfares. He is still sliding down the razor blade of life on the beautiful undiscovered island that is New Zealand, somewhere near the bottom (rude!) of the world near Antarctica. There he talks to the 60 million sheep!

Through a rather strange set of circumstances and finding himself in a small town near the bottom of the world ...and with nothing else to do, he started writing.
Craig loves to encourage and empower people to be the best they can possibly be, and to encourage, help and support people in creating what they most want in life

“Together, one mind, one life (one small step at a time), let’s see how many people (and lives) we can encourage, impact, empower, enrich, uplift and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials...and strive for and perhaps one sunny day even achieve their wildest dreams.” and