I am Lady Amethyst. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. I am the mother of many children here and as cosmic mother I express my deep love for you. For when you were created in the universe it was I who was with you from the beginning of time.

Lady Amethyst has the honorable task to speak about the children of the New Age here on Earth, especially about those children who are in an advanced age and are often confused. What does it mean to be a child of the New Age? Children who are born, who we call Indigo children or Crystal children or simply children of the New Age are equipped with 18 aspects to go into the duality just like you. But the big difference is that these children possess the ability to connect their aspects right from the start. Some chosen children even have a 19th aspect that they will use when the ascension takes place. As these children are very sensitive when they see the light and above all the energy of the Earth they are often very restless and they very much yearn to return home. But the love of the parents, the love of the earthly parents prevents them from doing this and they begin to mature.

Many children incarnate especially into families that are still very sleeping. That is particularly difficult for these children for they came first of all to awaken the parents, in order to show the parents the path into the dawning of consciousness. Nonetheless there are also very many children at this time and particularly here in this family of the golden-blue frequency, where the children have the grace that the earthly parents are spiritual and understand their children, and let them mature for a bit as their soul wishes. For, just like Jesus once, the children, they have lost the memory of why they are here. But they feel very clearly that there is something different in them. And it is difficult for these children to cope with that.

We are often asked: What can we do? And it has already been fiercely discussed in the duality. And I use this word to make clear to you that it is very, very important indeed to let the children have their original name and to address them with their original name. For through that the aspects can connect deeper and they achieve the harmony of the soul, with themselves, more and more. Sometimes earthly parents are a little afraid. Sometimes, and I do not mean this as judgment, but I am really speaking to you full of love, parents are a little jealous of the cosmic parents, for they think that they mean more than the earthly parents. But that is not so. The earthly parents who receive a child and raise it are the most important thing of all for the child. And still, if you have the awareness that there is such a thing as the sounds of the original name, why do some parents deny their children this? Because they want to show that they are in control. That nobody else, not even a divine being has the right to choose a name for the child. And of course it is left up to you. And the earthly names also have great meaning. But it would be a compromise that perhaps you address your children with the original name every now and again. And you will notice immediately - you will see it, you know your children - when you look into the eyes that a shining appears. For they want to understand, they want to feel what is the matter with them.

Especially when the children become a bit older and reach the age where they go to school it becomes particularly difficult for these children. For the entire school systems - and I say it very clearly here - are no longer suitable for these children. You simply have to understand, these children, they can not fit in with this school system any more, for very deep in their soul they feel that other things are very much more important. They do not allow themselves to be pressed into a system where it is stipulated how they have to think, where they are judged by their current performance. All this causes these children so much trouble. It would require a completely new school system for these children. Where they learn to work with their Heart Ray, with their Sinus Ray, with their abilities. Where they learn and feel they are allowed to live their abilities. A school where a lot of music is played, dancing and movement, where they work creatively. That would be the right thing.

And when these children become adolescent and still did not have the opportunity to realize - because nobody told and showed them - what unusual quality they are equipped with, then they sometimes even become aggressive. Many of these adolescents turn to drugs, for in these drugs they suddenly find pictures and conditions in which they notice and feel, yes, that is me. They can feel better through that. And I am not speaking in favor of drugs here, but it would be desirable that these adolescents got the chance to experience this every day without drugs, that they are something very special on this planet. And that they have an important task. Many adolescents are still forced to train for a job that they do not like at all. They are being judged by grades, by knowledge that is not important at all. They are to be pressed into levels and to do something of which they know exactly that they do not want it at all. But because they love their parents so much they try to do justice to the parents.

And because of that I call all parents: Show sympathy for your children. Even when they are aggressive sometimes or not prepared to let themselves be pressed into a pattern, yes, even when they have taken drugs, understand that what really stands behind it is nothing but a call for help. A call for help in which they say: Mommy, pop, please let me be as I am. Love me as I am. Love me just as I came, for I came in order to take a path that is destined for me. Even if you, dear mommy and dear pop, can not understand this path. You will see, when I am allowed this, a life blossoms in me, in my soul, that is so strong. And then I can become what I am. And I will know, when the change of the ascension has arrived, what to do. And I will be with you. And many children have asked me, Lady Amethyst, to tell the parents: No matter what I may have done to you, dear mommy and dear pop, I love you so much. I love both of you so much. Sometimes I have no choice. My love for you is so deep. But I have to follow my path that I choose.

The difficulty at this time is that all the structures are collapsing. You know this. Especially right now the structures are collapsing. And still children, the adolescents are being forced to do something that does not suit them at all. They have totally different ideas. When, for example, an adolescent says: I would like to make music, I would like to live, then this has a deep meaning. He does not say this without reason. And it is a great necessity in the big collective on Earth that exactly those who are already awakened, those who are developing spiritually, help to join together in order to show this to all those who, in rigid conditions try to almost force something out of the children. There are many conscious teachers, also in this family, who do very much for these adolescents and children. But it is not enough.

But God bless you who are trying to lead your children into the spiritual paths without putting them under pressure. For that is also fruitless with the children of the New Age. But to lay down a limit within the law on the planet, which is what earthly parents do, is right and good. But the pressure behind it that these children, and particularly the adolescents, are at the mercy of, this pressure, it must go at this time. For these adolescents are extremely important for the ascension.

And also the children that are being born now. These children are definitely born with a 19th aspect. And all are equipped with all they need, exactly like each single one of you. And each child, exactly like you yourself, has been given sounds by the cosmic parents, the original name and a phrase of life that have accompanied you and also the children. Let them have this. For this the soul stores and lets the aspects connect. The children need this. They need a clear decision by the parents. Exactly as you need a clear decision for yourself.

Perhaps - and believe me, I speak to you in deep love - you have been at odds with many things and doubted for a long time, sometimes perhaps even the messages from the spiritual world. But this time is over now. For you can see after all, no matter where you look, what is the human being still to hold on to when everything in the outside is collapsing? And then think of your children. What are they to hold on to if not to the fact that they know that there is something that is in them and makes it possible for them to be free?

And each child that is born loves its earthly parents more than anything. And out of this love many children do something for their parents even though they feel within that it is not right for them. Be mild, have sympathy, for you have the love anyway. Make your children happy by giving them an understanding of the spirits of nature, the blue people. Tell them about the angels. Tell them about their aspects without putting them under pressure. Do it playfully and try, if it is possible for you, that you grant your child to listen to music, to play, to dance and to sing. For this, too, supports these children of the age.

Your children have come in order to follow their path. Children who have incarnated through you belong to the family of the golden-blue light. There is a reason why they chose you as mother and you as father. It was a clear decision by the child to incarnate through you. And if you knew how much these children, how much your child respects and honors you, even if it appears quite differently sometimes. A bond between mother and child, a bond between father and child cannot be severed. It remains for ever.

The love of the father for the child is strengthening. The love of the mother for the child is caring and comforting. For I am also a mother. I am a cosmic mother. But I, too, love my children. I love each single light that I have created. And I say to each child: I love you just as you are, because just as you are you are right and good.

With these words Lady Amethyst would like to thank all parents who have opened themselves to these words and messages. And Lady Amethyst has spoken in this clarity in order to make you aware of it. This clarity is still borne by great love and devotion for you all.


Author's Bio: 

Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after many years of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - Spiritual Course of Awakening'.
In addition to her regular work for Kryonschool she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim, Germany, once a month which is also published on the Kryonschool website.

The channeling above was transmitted at this year's spring Kryon Festival. The Kryon Festival is a biannual event in Germany.

You are welcome to visit the Kryonschool website and browse through the channelings, news and information.

The meaning of the light language words used in the channeling is:
OMAR TA SATT - lightworkers' greeting, energy of welcome
AN'ANASHA - gratitude, balance between giving and taking

The original name is the name a soul is given after its creation. It expresses the reason for creation and the abilities the soul has been equipped with. The energy of this name is a great support in the process of awakening and continued spiritual growth. Each soul has always had only the one original name which contains everything the soul is, but several soul names. A soul name bears the supportive energy for a shorter period of time, such as a certain epoch or one or more incarnations.