Worried about getting old? Well it turns out there is a Natural remedy that could slam the brakes on aging.

The older you get the less HGH(Human Growth Hormone) and Testosterone your body produces. If you didn't know already, HGH has been touted as the "Fountain of youth Hormone". The benefits of HGH are well documented.

By 30 your body starts producing less HGH, this causes your skin to start sagging, Body fat accumulation, Muscle Loss, Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular Disease even Loss of energy and a Lost sense of Well being.

The other all important Hormone, particularly for Males, is Testosterone. About the same time HGH starts to decline your T levels will start to drop as well.

Testosterone is responsible for Muscle gain, Fat loss, Libido, Sense of well being, Confidence, Protects against Cancer and Heart disease, Etc. This is especially important since Heart disease claims more men, especially in the U.S, than any other sickness.

As depressing as this sounds. Don't commit suicide just yet!

You can fight this process through Weight lifting and by using the proper supplements.

Weight lifting increases Testosterone Levels and HGH. In fact a study conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning research claims you can fight aging with Weight Lifting well into your Seventies!

For increasing Testosterone, focus on Heavy Compound movements: Squats, Bench Presses, Military Presses, Deadlifts are all examples of Test. boosting exercises. Go heavy and keep rest time to about 1 1/2 minutes.

For an increase in HGH be sure to keep your rest periods, short and sweet. Rest 45 seconds-1 Minute. This has been shown to produce higher Growth Hormone levels in Humans.

Use these Supplements for Natural Testosterone Boosting:

  • Tongkat Ali
  • Tribulus
  • ZMA
  • Fenugreek

    They will reduce many symptoms of and the causes of low testosterone.

    The following are the best HGH supplements and will also produce optimum Growth Hormone levels in your body:

  • Gaba
  • Deer Antler Velvet
  • L-Dopamine

    They all contribute to HGH release in the body.

    Good luck and work hard to stop aging dead in it's tracks!

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