Financial Fight Back Tip No.1

Sit down and re evaluate your monthly finances. Get all your bank statements, standing orders, bank transfers, Direct Debits, monthly receipts out and onto the table or wherever you have a flat surface to work from and input all the info into a simple form with two columns, with incomings on the left & outgoings on the right. Take care when listing everything, go through handbags, purses, pockets, safe places etc and get ALL receipts and outgoings listed.

Once you’ve got it all down on paper, you can see where you are over spending and where you can cut back. You MUST make your outgoings, less than your incomings!

Financial Fight Back Tip No.2

If you have debts, get help clearing them from a professional. As you now have all your financial information written down from Tip No.1-you have created control and awareness of your financial situation. Awareness is the first step to change and control is empowering. There are many agencies, organisations & advisors that can help you clearing your debts-call citizens advise bureau or local authorities for advice.

Financial Fight Back Tip No.3

Recognize any negative language you’re using regarding your finances and put ‘for now’ on the end of all your sentences. I.E: ‘I am in so much debt-for now’ ’I am really worried about money-for now’ This makes the situation temporary and therefore changeable. This will improve your mental attitude to a positive one-start practising straight away and keep on adding ‘for now’ to any negative thought, sentences until you no longer speak or think in the negative-Do it now and it will improve your thinking straight away.

Financial Fight Back Tip No.4

Now you’re ready to write out your financial goals, make them S.M.A.R.T!

Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Responsible, Timed.

So for example,

Goal No.1 – It is now 1st August 09 - I have reduced my outgoings by £…, by cutting down on luxuries & only, ‘for now’, buying necessities in my weekly shopping.

Goal No.2 – It is now Dec, 09 - I have saved £200 in a savers account, via monthly bank transfer by putting in £20 per month from the £40 per month that I no longer spend on coffees at Starbucks.

Goal No.3 – It is now Dec, 09 and I have paid £20 per month into my utilities account from the money saved on my annual spend re coffees, which totals £200.

Goal No. 4 – It is now Jan, 10 and all my debts are consolidated and being paid off monthly, I have reduced my total debt by …. %.

Goal no. 5 – It is now March,10 and I am sitting in my debt advisors office renegotiating my payments & getting an even better deal that will reduce my total debt to zero by 31st Dec,10.

Financial Fight back Tip No.5

Now that your financial situation is ongoing and improving, now ask yourself ‘What have I done in the past to make money?’ What is it that you can do ‘for now’ to increase your incomings? Have you got a talent/gift/currently unused career experience?

People will always pay for service in any financial climate-Can you take in ironing? Walk dogs? Shop for the elderly? Do online surveys? Do an online admin service? Book-keeping? Sell goods online? Car Boot sales? Childcare? Babysitting? House cleaning? Gardening? Car cleaning? Attic clearance, etc, etc.

Make a list-what can you do to make more money? Once you have identified what you can do for a further income stream, you can now put into action the steps required to achieve it & make it happen. I.e., Advertise - put flyers in local shops, talk to schools re sitting service, Talk to your local library to se if they have any ideas, leaflet drops to homes, sort out your attic, cupboards, garage for things to sell, set up an online account to sell your products – create an income stream, be creative, there is always something you can do to make more money-Act NOW!

Fight Back Tip No.6

Now, it’s time to firmly believe that this is only a financial set back and ‘for now’, that it’s only temporary.

Believe that your goals will come true because you have written them down (that task alone has been proven to make them actioned and achieved-so well done!). You have taken control of your situation and therefore your outcome.

Believe that you deserve to reach your goals, to create & have the life you really want. Visualise your ultimate end result and be grateful for it and everything else along the way, gratitude is a sure fire way to get what you want, because if you are grateful for what you have and appreciate it then you will attract even more towards you. Repeat a daily mantra to help your positive thinking even further, say something like ’I deserve prosperity and attract even more wealth & abundance into my life’. ‘Wealth is my birthright, I claim it now’ whatever it is that you can say over and over to build your wealth building, belief system. At the end of the day, the old saying ‘ fake it till you make it’ really is true, just pretend that you are attracting wealth & abundance & just keep doing it, until you actually are!


‘You get what you focus on – so you might as well make it good!’


‘You don’t have to get it right-just get it going!’

Take action NOW!

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