Winter is the cruelest month which heartedly makes you wait for the summer. We cannot completely agree with this statement. As we in winter pine for hot season and if it is the term of summer we aggressively wait for the winter season. In the terms of summer, we effectively practice various ideas to keep our body cool. We regularly listen to the radio to know what Meta department predict of the mercury. Besides this, we certainly adopt to wear cotton clothes, turn the AC on at the lowest temperature and also we ignore when it comes for outsiders work. How often shall we ignore it as, the weather cannot be depended upon. We should significantly plan some ways that can help us feel cool during the summer period. So in this concern we will in this article read some points which will help remain cool during the summer season.

If you are suffering from summer because your AC is not in function due to the power cut, do close the blinds and curtains during the day to block the sun's heat. You need to close the window if the sun’s heat seemingly to come. Close all the windows of your house to restrict the sun heat entry. Open the windows as the night falls it will cool your room.

Don’t turn on any heat sources. Turn off all of them. Even don’t cook your food at the stove, eat cool meal. Turn off your computer, lamp or bulb if you are not using them. Regarding the television it also gives heat to the room so turn it off. Plug off your adapter as it can add heat to the cool atmosphere.

No need to have hot shower in the hot season. Wash dishes and clothes or cook until after dark. Ensure that the door gasket seals on your oven.

Drink plenty of water it will cool your body. Try drink at least 5-7 glass of water in each an hour. If you are hydrated, your body will feel cooler.

You can put a small pillow in the freezer an hour or two before go to bed. And also you can put plastic shopping bag over it in order to keep the ice from forming on the fabric.

You in the hot season need to have frequent bath with the cool or the tepid water.

Keep a spray bottle filled with water in it put it in the refrigerator. You can spray it frequently after being outdoors.

Try to stay away from the heat as much as possible and keep drinking water all the time with you. Be smart enough while get outside the house. Wear lose and cotton made clothes. Spend the minimum period of the time in the market. Return to house as soon as possible.

In summer avoid eating heavy spicy preparations increase the diets rich in sweet.

Avoid heavy meals. Take a light dish. It will comfort you in the heat.

Keep handy a cool, damp cloth or towel

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