If you're fighting a flu bug, getting rid of the flu is your highest priority. Most people routinely reach for the usual treatments, like aspirin or decongestants. But have you thought about trying natural flu remedies instead?

Herbal treatments can get you back on your feet quickly, with no side effects, like drying out your mucus membranes, or killing off all the good bacteria in your system. Read on to learn more about these safe and effective natural treatments.

Ten Herbal Flu Remedies

With no further ado, here's the list:

African Potato Extract - Also known as Hypoxis rooperi, this herb can boost your immune system, helping you to fight off the effects of influenza quickly.

Peppermint - Most people recognize this pungent flavor in candy canes and toothpaste. What you may not know is that this herb helps support your immune system. It's also great to sip as a tea if you're suffering from a stomach bug.

European Mistletoe - If you think all mistletoe is good for is to get someone to kiss you, think again. This herb is known for balancing fluid levels in your body, which helps to prevent dehydration.

Hawthorne - Improves blood circulation and prevents congestive heart failure, which may be a side effect of influenza.

Goldenrod - You may be surprised to learn that this herb can regulate mucus production in your body. Herbalists have used it for centuries to enhance the body's built-in ability to fight infections.

Olive Leaf Extract - Known as an immune system tonic, this extract also supports phagocytosis. Sounds scary, huh? But this is a good thing. Phagocytosis is a fancy name for your white blood cells engulfing and getting rid of the bad bugs in your system.

Schizandra - Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, this herb is an adaptogen. This means it help returns you to a balanced state. It helps to maintain your energy levels, and supports liver health and kidney function as well.

Astragalus - You may have heard of this herb. Also known as milk vetch, it's widely known for keeping your body ready to fight off infection.

Buchu - Widely used in Africa for centuries, this herb helps get rid of toxins in your system. It's important to drink plenty of fluids so this herb can work properly.

Echinacea - Just about everyone has heard about this amazing natural remedy. Many studies have confirmed its beneficial effects. Not only does it support your body's immunity, but it's also an excellent source of antioxidants.

The next time a flu bug lays you low, don't run out to the drugstore. Try these natural flu remedies instead.

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