Inflammation in simple medical terms is the body’s defense against damage. For instance whenever you inflict a wound to your body, the brain receives the message and relays it to the blood system and it releases an army of white blood cells that fend off a possible bacterial attack that may enter via the wound. The result on the affected area is called inflammation. It can feel sore and heated but it is in fact part of our armory in fighting inflammation.

False Signals

Just like an ageing alarm system needs repair, inflammation too can become out of control and can send the wrong signals. In some instances the brain receptors remain activated even after the damage has been mended. The inflammation remains active. This can result in continued messages being relayed to the immune system to deliver the white blood cells and may mean the body does not have enough resource to fight even minor conditions.


Cancer cells that are usually dealt with by the immune system can go unnoticed. Now you might wonder how something as serious as cancer falls into this category. When inflammation reaches its acute stage, it is actually a very simple form of cancer. It is usually shown by mutation of cells caused by constant irritation by any external or internal alien radicals.
Such radicals can be caused by a dormant virus. When the immune system is weakened, such radicals can easily enter the body. They mutate the cell’s DNA and can reproduce causing a swarm of mutated cells, more commonly known as a tumor. This is a very serious situation indeed.

How to fight inflammation?

Out of control inflammation can become such a devastating disorder. The answer is simple and easy - fish oil supplements. Why so? This is because they contain DHA and EPA. These fatty acids are both exceptional in fighting inflammation. But all fish are not equally effective; you must avoid fish that contain toxins. Fish that is caught in contaminated waters, in all probability will have toxins embedded deep in their flesh which may cause many health problems. Fish like swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish all have high levels of toxins.

Recommended Product

The Hoki is a fish to be recommended as it has very low levels of toxins and high levels of both DHA and EPA. It has been proven that fish oil supplements are a must in fighting inflammation; their positives far outweigh any negatives that they have.

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