Where is the resistance in your life right now?

On my journey to be effective on a daily basis, I speak with people all around the world who help me discover more and more what is preventing them from achieving the success they want.

The individual circumstances are different but the underlying philosophy is the same. Let me explain.

Recently I've been on a personal journey to lose 15 lbs by
March 1st. Everyday is a struggle and I face constant
resistance to reaching my weekly goal.

My body is conditioned and I have established patterns
that keep me at the current weight that I have struggled
with for well over 20 years.

Technique #1: Change the Conditioning &
Patterning that rules you.

Take the blinders off. Approach situations from a different
way, problem solve from the outside in, always look for
several options, never accept the status quo, always ask

The reason I lost 6 lbs my first week is because I drastically changed the way I was eating. I strictly followed the eating regimen that my personal coach gave me. I reconditioned my body's intake and it responded.

Now I'm creating new healthier patterns to my daily diet
and learning how to eat properly as a way of life.

Techniques #2: Don't Fight It

A rubber band snaps because you are pulling at it from
both sides. If you don't want the resistance, don't pull! Simply let go. Don't see the resistance as an obstacle or barrier. Look at it differently.

Quickly defuse the situation and turn it into something
beneficial. Believe me there is constant resistance to
drifting off my diet, especially with two children but I've
reprogrammed my habits to reach for a sugar free drink
than a double stuffed Oreo cookie.

Techniques #3: Seize the Opportunity

In this economic environment that we are in it's even more
critical to look at the resistance you face as an opportunity for you to do things differently.

Worried about job security? Create multiple streams of
income NOW so you have others to fall back on if needed.

If you have hit rock bottom, what do you have to do
TODAY to start building strong foundations again?

If you are spiraling downward and everything is going out
of control, learn about energy theory to change your
vibration to stop the downward affect.

Please do not continue being destroyed by the resistance
to your success.

Take action NOW!

Author's Bio: 

Laura Roman Lopez is the CEO & President of Pathways To Power, LLC since 2005.

For the past 20 years, Laura has been a source of inspiration and hope for tens of thousands of individuals across the globe. Just as her "Wealth Creation" principles transformed her from a despondent single mother to entrepreneur, home owner, and graduate scholar, her insights on personal and business development have enabled her to mentor countless others world-wide towards achieving personal success and lasting wealth. www.pathwaystopower.com