Here is the dreaded scenario: It is a couple days before an important meeting, a family gathering, a get-together with friends or a party to which you have been looking forward. Then here it comes…the tickle in the throat, chills, achy joints, heat behind the eyes or that foamy feeling in your stomach. Oh great! WHY NOW???
This situation has played out time and time again but I want you to know that you are not powerless against an oncoming illness. There are four techniques I use and they work for me 9 times out of 10. I had the “opportunity” to use these techniques this past week as I felt symptoms creeping into my bones just before a family gathering honoring my beloved uncle.

I am happy to report that the illness never took hold and I was healthy for the event. So here are my suggestions, I know you will find them useful.

If you are one of my clients who take Endocrine Strengthener regularly you probably have noticed a decline in incidents of colds and flu. Even so, if you suspect approaching ill health, step up your dose of Endocrine Strengthener. Take seven droppers full two or three times a day for two days or until symptoms subside. This alone is often enough to ward off the creeping crud.

Another weapon to add to your arsenal is hot water and ginger. Keep a section of fresh ginger root or fresh lemon on hand in your refrigerator. Cut slices of ginger or lemon [or both] and place in a one quart thermos. Fill thermos with boiling water and sip on it through out the day. I find a Chinese tea cup, espresso cup or even a shot glass is the perfect size to use. You can drink it before it cools down, which is important as the hot water get toxins moving. Do this once a month and you will eliminate the need for expensive detox programs.

Speaking of hot water…a hot bath with Detox Bath Salts can help you sweat out anything that is working on you. You can find the recipe on the “Support” page of my website, but I will give you the quick version here. To make a batch, mix 2 cups of baking powder, 1 cup of sea salt and 1 cup of Epsom salts. Store in a plastic container and add ¼ - ½ cup to a hot bath. Stay in the hot [but comfortable] bath for at least 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water to wash off toxins excreted through the skin.

If you don’t have a tub or you are unable to use one, you can do this as a foot soak with very good results. As a matter of fact you can do this rather than buy those kinoki foot pads [which I have my doubts about]. Take notice to the clarity of the water before and after the soak. If you have any kind of foot problems, you will enjoy this.

Last but certainly not least, is the netti pot. This is a way of cleansing the sinuses which is very important especially if you are prone to sinus infections. The constant use of antibiotics used to clear up such infections can wreak havoc on the immune system and intestinal health.

You can buy a netti pot or small creamer with a teapot type spout that will fit in your nostril. Fill the pot with salt water made with non-iodized sea salt. Tip your head sideways over a sink; press your tongue to the roof of your mouth; insert spout in upper nostril and allow the saltwater to flow out lower nostril. Reverse head and repeat using the other nostril. More detailed instructions are available upon request. You can email me at

My daughter reminded me of one more thing that I should share with you. When you feel the ickies coming on, it is not incumbent upon you to tell everyone you meet that you are getting sick. You’d do better to tell yourself, “I will beat this” and concentrate on the parts of your body that feel good; even if it is just your hair and fingernails.

May you never need to use these techniques, but if you do may you never forget to use them!

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Lori Jacobs – from The Healing Path is a Naturepath; Herbalist; Energy Healer; Truth in Healing Master and Reiki Master who specializes in hard to cure autoimmune disorders such as Fibromyalgia; Chronic Fatigue; Arthritis or Alopecia (autoimmune hair loss) and Hepatitis.

Lori cured the Alopecia Totalis she had for 11 years after taking an herbal tincture (Endocrine Strengthener) she developed for her daughter who was suffering fro Epstein Barr Syndrome.

The Healing Path herbal tinctures are all Lori’s original formulas. They are thoughtfully handcrafted by Lori Jacobs. All tinctures are imbued with Healing Energy for added benefit. Lori has also created a system so that the lay person can have healing energy at their disposal anytime they choose.