Recently Given Up The Ciggies? ...If you're feeling unwell/sick/dodgy, then it's probably the nicotine withdrawing from your system. That's great news! Yes indeed, it means you are on your way to being smoke free!

​Your Body Will Heal Naturally...
Your body will start to detoxify all by itself very soon after your last cigarette. Depending on how heavy a smoker you were, will determine how long it takes for the withdrawal systems to appear. When you cease to cease to ingest the nicotine doses, your body can respond with severe cravings and classic stop smoking withdrawal symptoms. These are your bodys' natural responses to being denied something it has gotten used to having. All designed to try to drag you back to smoking. But no you won't. You're strong and know what to do to beat this simple addiction!

While you were smoking, your body got conditioned to receiving regular hits of nicotine. Once you stop smoking and stop those nicotine hits, your body responds with some pretty harse cravings and withdrawal type symptoms.

Smoking is an addiction that is not separated by body and mind. Thus, you need to treat your mind AND body with a detox at this time.

Keep Busy If You Need To And Detox...
During this initial smoking withdrawal time you should keep busy, detox and be sure to treat yourself gently, the same as if you had the flu or a mild cold ie take it easy and get plenty of rest. Or if you are an active person, KEEP BUSY! Do something, anything and everything you can think of, with your hands, that can also occupy your brain. It WILL pass, and you will feel much better shortly. This is just a process!

The first thing is to stop smoking. The next thing to do is detox...

Various Products Can Help...
The quit smoking detox process is a hard one, but fortunately there are many ways to assist you in this process. There are herbs, over the counter (O.T.C.) medications, prescription drugs, and there are even some specific foods that may help you, especially when combined with a short detoxification process.

The Good News Is That...
... once you have managed to survive without a cigarette for the first 3-4 days you will start to feel a drastic improvement in respect of cravings intensity and withdrawal symptoms. If you keep your mind and hands occupied during this time of detoxing from the cigarettes, you will be well on your way to giving up the awful ciggies forever!

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