As per a report by Open Doors on International Educational Exchange, the USA is the leading education provider to almost a million international students. A lot of scholarships and internships are offered by the University to promote students for higher studies and free them from financial burden.
The Bachelor's degree tuition fee can range from $31,200 to $55000 per year whereas the Master's degree fee can range from $25,200 to $30,000 per year. One way of paying off the expenses for studies in the USA for international students would be applying for university scholarships and earning through part-time work.

Scholarships for international students are highly competitive for the USA.
Scholarships and grants are usually awarded based on merit, need or any of your exceptional excellence. Apart from your academic excellence, a degree in a specialized field, proficiency in sports, cultural activities or a noticeable contribution in community service, increases your chances of winning a scholarship.

A few such scholarships are-
New American University Scholarship at ASU-
New American University Scholarship is awarded to the meritorious international students enrolling to a full-time undergraduate degree programme for a maximum of 4 years, that is, eight semesters. The scholarship for international students in USA is subjected to be revoked for subsequent semesters if the academic scores are below the standard scores as stated in the scholarship terms.

An international student is not required to apply for the scholarship separately. Candidates are shortlisted during the admission process itself. Depending upon the student’s portfolio, an amount ranging from $3,000 to $8,000 may be granted.

College and Departmental Scholarships
Colleges affiliated with and Departments at Arizona State University offers merit-based as well as need-based scholarships to international students. Students enrolling specifically to majors in an academic discipline is considered for this scholarship scheme and generally receive during the second year of a degree programme. Some of the colleges are-
W.P. Carey School of Business,
Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering,
College of Integrative Sciences and Arts,
University College, etc.
Besides, a few private scholarships are also facilitated by ASU.

Work Opportunity
Arizona State University’s Student Employment Office collaborate with employers and offer job opportunities for international students looking for one. A student might have to work for hours as feasible to them but not more than 20 hours a week. Students should balance work as well as studies.
Students learn new skills and expertise either related to the study field or different from it. The minimum wage that a student can expect from the employer is $10.50 per hour.
As a responsible international individual, a student should verify for the legitimacy of the job offered especially when applying off-campus.

This was all about financial resources for higher studies at Arizona State University, USA. To resolve any queries or to know more, please feel free to contact study abroad consultants in India. Authorized consultants do not charge any consultation fee.

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