Over-spending, avoidance, excuses, poor planning, no planning -- what is your money stress costing you in terms of your finacial fitness? Besides the obvious - money - it also could be costing you your health, a happy relationship with your partner, peace, fun and overall happiness.

Worrying and stressing about your finances can affect your health. Do you remember a time when you kept worrying about something? How did it affect you physically? Worry and stress take up tons of energy and might mean you'll experience fatigue or low energy, headaches, high blood pressure and many other physical symptoms that take its toll on your body, not to mention speeding up the aging process. Whenever our bodies are in a state of distress, we're compromising our health.

Here are 4 ways you can reduce your money stress:

Money Stress Reduceer #1: Take small steps to better your financial situation. By doing so, you'll notice the worry and stress start to subside. Ask yourself what small change could you make immediately to feel better about your finances?

If you're experiencing financial troubles as a couple, it could affect how happy you feel in your relationship. I've seen couples who just can't seem to get on the same page - one being a spender and the other not, with a big challenge to reach common ground. I've also seen couples who just need a plan to help get them moving in the right direction. Couples who work together in reaching their financial goals feel a sense of unity - this helps your marriage.

Money Stress Reducer #2: The first step to feeling happier in your marriage when it comes to money is to tell the truth about the state of your finances. Hold meetings a few times every month to discuss how to improve your financial situation. Be sure the kids are in bed and the phone ringer is set to off. This time should be 100% devoted to each other and the management of your money. Your relationship will improve when both you and your partner are working together toward a common goal!

When there is war going on inside your head about money, it's a challenge to feel at peace. Peace is freedom from disturbance, and people often don't even recognize when there's a plethora of noise or confusion because they've been living with it for so long. Go back to a time when you felt peace in your life. What did it feel like? Did you remember feeling calm and relaxed? You can feel this same way when it comes to your money, but this means recognizing what isn't working.

Money Stress Reducer #3: Write down three things you could change about the way you relate to money. Maybe it's paying your bills in a more timely manner, only buying what you need at the grocery store or holding back on giving money to your teenager every time they ask (I can relate!).

Money issues can also keep us from having fun or feeling happy. Being preoccupied with a problem or an issue keeps us from feeling true happiness. Trying to have fun when you're feeling unhappy is hard to do but this is exactly what you should do in order to make a financial shift.

Money Stress Reducer #4: The next time you're feeling unhappy about your finances and it's weighing on your mind, do something fun: laugh with a friend, go for a run, spend time playing with your child. After you've had a good dose of fun, use your positive energy to focus on getting your financial life in order. Write down your financial goals for the next year. Begin by saying, "My goal is to... " and finish this sentence. Each week, after a little fun, work on achieving your financial goals.

You deserve to be healthy, to be happy, to feel financial peace and experience lots of fun and happiness in your life. Don't let money issues and money stress cost you what's most precious to you.

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Financial Coach Cindy Parran Brochu helps the financially stressed to simplify their money lives. Want to discover money plan strategies that REALLY work? Visit http://www.ReduceYourMoneyStress.com for your free copy of Money Mastery 101: How to Reduce Your Money Stress and Simplify Your Life.