In your quest for financial fitness, it's normal to think that if you had more money, your life would somehow magically be different. The truth is that more money might help you breathe a little easier, but it doesn't change the way you relate to money or make you a different person than you are right now.

For those who overspend and mismanage their finances, they'll continue to walk the same path after their next raise or bonus. So, it's really not about the money, but it is all about you and what you choose to do with your money, which is the beginning of the journey to financial fitness.

Instead of wishing or hoping for more money, instead focus on how to effectively manage the money you have now. You can start today! When you begin to take control of your finances and live more from a place of financial wellness, you will attract more money!

How could you be contributing to your money dilemma? We are often the ones in our own way when life isn't moving along as we would like. Is there something you could be doing differently in order to make your financial life better, or for you to feel more successful? Start by asking yourself these three questions:

1. Where do I participate in wasteful spending? Write down what areas you think you're overspending. Once you have clearly targeted these areas, ask yourself where you're willing to make change so that you're spending or saving more where you want to be. Maybe you'll decide to stop for coffee two instead of the usual three times a week on your way to work. Write down a clear plan of action detailing what you'll do each week, bringing you one step closer to smarter spending. Be sure your plan of action is in alignment with your financial goals and values.

2. Do I often justify my spending habits? How often have you said to yourself: I deserve this, it was on sale, or I really need this when you know it really was just a want? Being fully aware and recognizing your money habits will help you make smarter financial decisions. Notice at the very moment you begin justifying your spending decision-it often happens during the shopping experience-it's when you pause and begin thinking about how you'll pay for it! Taking a step back to get in touch with your thoughts will result in significant positive changes in your financial life and bring you one step closer to financial freedom!

3. Am I happy with the state of my finances? If you answered no, what might you do to change that? It might be that you merely need to spend some additional time understanding your finances-review your monthly income and expenses (fixed and variable) and decide where you can make adjustments. It's not about the money; it's all about what you do with your money! Possibly, you need some guidance and could use the help of a coach to help you build financial confidence. Either way, set aside time to focus solely on what decisions you can make that will help you feel happier in your financial life. Decreasing your money stress will yield you financial peace.

It's not about the money, but it is all about you! Be patient and good to yourself while you take the necessary steps to get you one step closer to excellent financial fitness!

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Financial Coach Cindy Parran Brochu helps the financially stressed to simplify their money lives. Want to discover money plan strategies that REALLY work? Visit for your free copy of Money Mastery 101: How to Reduce Your Money Stress and Simplify Your Life.