"Can you imagine your life free from financial stress, no more arguments with your spouse or trying to figure out which bill to pay first? Can you imagine what your life would look like if you had financial freedom to do what ever you wanted, when ever you wanted, with whom ever you wanted?"

I stopped watching the news over a year ago now. I'll catch bits and pieces here and there limiting my intake of the turmoil and fear that is projected regarding the global financial crisis. I deliberately surround myself with positive, inspiring individuals who share the same both personally and professionally in my home based business.

Visualizing what life could be like without financial worry is something that for many of us in today's economy has a difficult time doing, especially if we are experiencing unemployment and are home being bombarded with news of the financial risk around the world. We may be challenged with mortgage payments falling behind, possible foreclosure, rising food and gas prices and credit card debt that keeps growing. A life free of debt may seem impossible.

We know what doesn't work in our lives when we are experiencing stress related to finances. If we want different results, we must be willing to do something different.

Our perception of the world economy can be overwhelming and depressing if we allow it to be. We must make a conscious effort to filter out any information that is damaging to our wellbeing recognizing we can not control the global economy but we can however, control our own.

Recently financial expert, David Bach teamed up with CarbonCopyPRO University in a launch of a continuity product to provide proven strategies, systems and training to people around the world so they can eliminate debt and build wealth.

As part of the service of the Automatic Millionaire® Foundation Membership, David will be hosting a monthly consultation call providing members invaluable information related to their financial needs. David gets paid almost a quarter of a million dollars for consultation typically, so just this component of the membership alone far exceeds the membership cost. Members will have David personally engaging with them on a monthly basis in addition to all of the other services that are part of the package.

David and the PRO Team are on a mission to eliminate a billion dollars in debt and create a million millionaires around the globe. Are you ready? It's your choice to take back control of your finances, plug in to the system that has already helped millions of people just like you automate their payments, eliminate debt and create the quality of life that we all want to have for our families.

For me personally, I have taken ownership of the financial mistakes I have made throughout the years. Passing blame onto my spouse or arguing about scenarios from the past in our daily conversations will not going make the financial situation better, and it certainly isn't healthy for a relationship. We are taking responsibility with determination and action to create new circumstances for our family to have a better quality of life.

Now, you can too!

Author's Bio: 

Lynn Clarke is a dynamic Home Based Business Owner who formerly taught our youth how to be life long learners. Today, she teaches entrepreneurial parents how to become life long earners working less hours,leveraging the power of the internet through the elite e-learning platform of PRO U and Automatic Millionaire International�. She is passionate about leading others to live a purposeful, fulfilling life paying it forward to our global community.