Today, outsourcing is not merely done for cost reduction. In fact, it is an essential tool for the companies who want to make big savings and at the same time, remains on top. This is one of the common reasons most global companies hire offshore outsourcing providers.

Financial services outsourcing is a strategic tool used by many companies across the world. It is highly impactful for business activities, which range from back-office functions to the information technology.

A number of companies hire third party’s financial outsourcing services. Traditionally, companies would keep their financial activities in-house. They would have a financial and accounting department to carry out the tasks.

Recent research studies and industry surveys have found that financial institutions and/or companies are continuously outsourcing significant parts of both unregulated and regulated activities despite risks/challenges such as compliance with the third parties.

Benefits of Outsourced Finance Services
When you outsource your financial activities to the companies in the Philippines, they will expertly handle all non-core functions like accounting and finance for years. Besides the cost containment, Filipino outsourcing companies can enhance your business efficiency, restore focus, and increase profitability.

Another advantage of outsourcing your financial errands to the Filipino companies is the reduction of costs. Many companies – whether small or medium – often can’t afford to build an in-house accounting and finance staff. For them, it is quite hard to support the finance department and the staff working in it.

So, when companies outsource such functions to the financial firms in the Philippine, they can save a lot of money on recruitment and human resource management functions such as payroll, health insurance, taxes, etc. At the same time, you won’t need to make investments on hardware, software, office space, and maintenance.
Most companies outsource financial services in order to increase their business efficiency. Recent financial reports published in the UK, the US, and Canada have mentioned that outsourcing financial functions and/or errands to companies in the Philippines not only saves companies a great amount of money but also their business operations are run smoothly using high-tech applications.
For instance, a company in the Philippines with powerful analytics can help your managers control budgets and support you spend in a better way – when it comes to the pay-to-procure procedures and supply chain.

What Do You Need To Outsource
While companies tend to retain functions like internal audits, budgets, customer-facing cavities such as loans and claims, some enterprises hire financial firms to carry out their tasks efficiently.

So, in general, the most common tasks that are outsourced in the sector include back-office activities such as accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, and financial reporting.

Moreover, the outsourcing of the services largely depends on your company’s budget and business objectives. Most established and large companies usually choose hybrid offshoring and at the same time, retain in-house teams to manage critical financial functions. This means that they only outsource non-core activities to a company or financial firm in the Philippines.

On the other hand, SMEs and startups who have limited resources can’t manage in-house financial activities. That’s why they hire offshore experts, for instance, in the Philippines that can significantly carry out the financial operations for them.

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