All the books of UCL libraries, whether in paper or electronic format are listed in our unique catalog, accessible on Libellule , the library portal.
In addition, the catalog makes it possible to simultaneously query, the institutional repository of UCL in which many books are referenced.
Works acquired before 1986 by the old central library are listed in a digital file only.

How do I search for a book in the catalog?
Enter one or more terms (title word (s), author, ...) in the search window. All notices containing these terms will be displayed.
To refine your search, use the filters on the left of the screen (learn more about filters).

From the list of results , the document type is displayed:

It is a book in paper format : by deploying the notice (click on the title), you will find the library which has it, its storage rating, as well as its availability, which will allow you to go and find it in Ray.

This is a book in electronic format : in the instructions, click on "Online access" to be redirected to DIAL.ebook or a publisher's site, then on "Read online" to access the full text.

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