In this fast way of living people hardly find enough time for them selves. Everyone runs everyday, struggling with his endless working hours, in a mission to earn money and to take care for the basic responsibilities in the home. And always there isn’t enough time for us, for our hobbies, for sports… It’s the same with the ones that have chosen ridding horses as a hobby and besides the search for finding a good time to ride in the busy schedule, often happens people to spend their whole free time in cleaning or taking care for the horse in different ways but not in riding.

Many times it’s easier to play some horse games than to ride but that is not fair for the animal. It is bad for its physical condition and its health; it is not good to let the horse be ponderous and fat. If you don’t feel like selling the horse, do your best and organize your time, so you could achieve all your responsibilities. That is better for the horse but mostly for you. Here are few tips how to gain more time to ride.

It is pretty useful to buy everything that you need, everything you never want to run out of, all the equipments at once - that’s how you will have all the time, so you don’t have to spend time going everyday in shopping. Buy everything from hay and bedding to fly spray and food. Except saving time you also save money, taking the advantage of discounts for bulk buying.

Prepare for the week ahead wisely buy cleaning tack, making up loads of haynets and doing a full muck out if you use the deep litter method during the week to save time.

It would be very nice if you could make an agreement with a friend to share your yard duties. Agree to clean the yard and the stable, feed and turnout for each other one day a week. This way you will have time for extra ride, or a longer ride.

If you like to minimize the time for muck out, think of investing in synthetic tack, rubber matting to make mucking out a breeze, and a tack trolley to reduce trips across the yard. Also find neck covers for mud to cut down on winter grooming.

And another important thing is to find the best period of the day for riding. It could be before going at work or afterwards, but in any case be sure that it’s not going to defeat your everyday activities.

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Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.