There are a wide variety of excellent reasons for students to enrol in a study abroad program in China. Three of the main reasons are listed here:

First, because of its growing economic power it is exerting more of an influence upon the world. Obviously this means that in the future all of us will face the reality of a China that plays more of a part in our lives.

Second, China is becoming more open to westerners. Students who intend on going into business would gain a real advantage by learning the language, and various other details about the country.

Third, as you would know, China is a country with thousands of years of history. Any opportunity to experience this, and to see China's rich culture, would be one that many people would grasp given the chance.

Anyone who has done any research into a study abroad program in China will soon discover that there are two premier cities to choose between. There are many websites that help you decide where to study. One of these is It provides considerable resources to students thinking of studying in China. It is impossible to cover all of the information available so the rest of this article will discuss study abroad Shanghai as it is such an exciting time in the city's development.

The website referred to in the above paragraph provides much information about Shanghai. This includes details about the sights, climate, entertainment, and importantly, the language courses that you can find when you study abroad Shanghai. Shanghai has grown rapidly in recent years and visitors are often amazed by the skyline which seems to change on a nearly daily basis. Shanghai should be strongly considered if you are searching for a study abroad program in China.

It goes without saying that there are a great number of quality language schools and programs that run all year round in the city of Shanghai. Just one of these is the Chinese Language School, which is part of Jiao Tong University. This prestigious and well regarded University is attended by 2000 foreign students every year. This is an important matter to take into account if you want to study abroad Shanghai.

You may feel after reading this that Shanghai is a city focused on development and study, and that it does not sound like a fun place to be. Far from it. A study abroad program in China, no matter where you live, has much to offer in the way of historic sites and cultural events. In fact, there is no need to travel far from either Beijing or Shanghai to visit some very popular tourist attractions. Almost all students who return from studying in China say that they enjoyed their time there and got a lot out of it.

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