Today, polygamy is on the rise. Many couples are looking for a third person who can add fun to it. Although this may be a new concept for some people, the trend of hunting unicorns among couples is growing. Here, couples looking for unicorns can contact temporarily or permanently. Then these three people had collective sex.

Usually, couples will not only choose anyone to become a unicorn. Most of the time, they look for a bisexual woman. Hunting unicorns is no accident. Usually, these couples want unicorns to be attracted as well, only for group sex.

However, finding people who meet these conditions is not as easy as it seems. Here are some useful tips for couples who accept unicorn dates and try to find local unicorns.

Set some basic rules

Make sure that discussing the boundaries with your partner may not help you find a unicorn. However, this is essential for a successful trio. Before starting the search, make sure you list your expectations, sexual restrictions and emotional issues.

Online search

Like many other niche markets, the Internet is a good starting point for those who want to find unicorns. Unicorn dating sites can simplify this process. However, you should ensure that they are registering on a legitimate website. Remember, there are many frauds online. Therefore, you should pay attention to which website they use. Some popular unicorn dating sites include BiCupid, AdultFindfinder, FetLife,, etc. Just set up your husband and wife profiles, and then find people who are interested in you.

Open heart Any

The threesome dating site is undoubtedly a good place to find unicorns. However, opportunities are everywhere. This is why couples should talk. As long as both of you agree to continue dating, you should be open to spontaneity. Your goal is to find a unicorn that meets your needs and expectations, and she/he may come from anywhere.

where to put it

When registering on the unicorn dating site, make sure that your profile clearly describes the person and target you are looking for. This means that you need to spend some time and effort to create an attractive description of yourself. Popular photos are great. But this is not all. Ask yourself why unicorns are interested in joining your relationship. Besides sexy appearance, what else can you offer? One aspect most people forget to show is the safety of unicorns. When you look for happy people, remember that unicorns are humans, and they also want couples to consider their feelings.

Know what you want

Unicorns are great, but they don't know people. Unless you tell them, they will not know what you are looking for. Do you want to stay overnight? Or do you want a permanent relationship? What are your boundaries? What else do they need to know? Remember, threesome dating should be open. This means that all parties should put all cards on the table before starting.

Unicorn dating can make your relationship more interesting. Think about it. Having another person can make things more interesting. However, keep in mind that this kind of dating is about attraction and good chemistry. So if you want to know where to start, why not use these proven technologies?

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