The discovery of vaccines has been a revolutionary discovery in the field of healthcare. They are used world over to prevent illness and death. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) reports, licensed vaccines are currently available for twenty-five different preventable infections. The EPI schedule for vaccines is followed in Pakistan. See your doctor about it. If you live in Lahore, find an online doctor in Lahore. Download a doctor availability app on your smartphone and instantly find expert doctors online in Pakistan, no matter which city you live in.

Babies are vaccinated at birth and at different set times throughout the year. Make sure your children are vaccinated at birth and get all their shots according to the EPI vaccination schedule in Pakistan. If you aren’t aware of it ask your primary healthcare provider. You can also find a doctor in Pakistan at My live doctors and ask your question online.

Telehealth mobile apps are getting more popular in Pakistan by the day. People are unable to take the time out for conventional doctor visits with their busy schedules. Telemedicine apps like My live doctors allow patients to receive medical care through remote communications, such as email, telephone, text, video, or the web. Now you can find an online doctor in Pakistan with just a few clicks and access qualified healthcare professionals from work, home or on the go.

Childcare in Pakistan can be really expensive and not everyone can spend thousands on a single consultation just for medical guidance or advice. Finding online doctors in Pakistan to learn more about vaccines is not only quick and convenient but lighter on the pocket too! You can talk one on one to the same consultant working at a tertiary care setup from home.

If you live in a major city of Pakistan like Lahore, then finding an online doctor in Lahore with the My live doctors app shouldn’t be a problem. However, a majority of the population live in rural regions. Today, experts say, telehealth may be most helpful for those in rural areas or with mental health concerns, and for anyone with minor issues. It is also used to raise awareness about vaccines. Unfortunately, Pakistan is still not polio-free.

Technology has advanced so much that blood pressure and heart rate readings are taken by sensors on mobile phones They can be recorded on blood pressure logs given in the app and shared directly with your online physician. Like this, chronic conditions like hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, IBS and others can be monitored remotely. Regular follow-ups can be scheduled online too.
Finding an online doctor that is best suited to treat your medical condition has never been easier. Look up your doctor on the online clinic list in Pakistan and choose which specialist you require. Experts say that more than 80% of health problems can effectively be solved online. If you experience redness or swelling at vaccine injection site apply ice. If it gets worse, go to your doctor asap. Meanwhile send a picture of it to your online physician. For more information on vaccines go to

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Dr. Abigail Kane MD is a graduate of George Washington University school of medicine. Dr. Kane trained in the department of cardiology during her residency. During her residency she was able to provide utmost care and consultation which resulted in an overall improvement of the department. Dr. Kane has been practicing as a cardiologist in California since 1997. She currently has 7 publications in the American Journal of Cardiology and has co-authorships involving other publications. Her practice focuses on new research in the field of Cardiology in accordance with published clinical trials. Most of her treatment strategies are evidence based as her are research papers. She has always been a career-driven, ambitious individual with high aspirations. Dr. Kane is listed as a major contributor in the publication that featured the therapeutic effects of a new cardio-protective drug that may be used in preventive cardiology. Currently Dr. Kane hold various certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine and she was also recognized with an award for her work in cardiology research.