Olaya is a growing financial district in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Located in the north side of the city which is the most beautiful and breathtaking site, it most important sites and famous local landmarks which are worth to visit if you are in Olaya for a vacation or if you are planning to get settled in Olaya. You can easily find apartment Olaya with best and comfortable deals and discounts. The landmarks are, such as the Kingdom Centre, which houses the Four Seasons luxury hotel. It will also contain Al Rajhi Tower which is the tallest building in Saudi and many people visit there especially to see the beautiful parts of the tower.

Olaya is a very beautiful and attractive place to live for and if you will easily rent a house in Olaya what else a person needs more and if the house is Situated in the heart of Al Khobar, 400 m from Al Rashid Mall where most of the crowd of Saudi Arabia go and it is 5 km from Al Khobar Corniche, Olaya rental Houses offers
accommodation with best quality of material used.

The accommodation has air-conditioned and features a hot tub as per your choice if you want to buy a house which is fully furnished like the bed, dining table, air conditioner, TV, washing machine, microwave, seating area, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with free toiletries and bath, A fridge and kettle are also featured. Etc whatever is required the room has that and if you don’t want to buy the furnished one you can buy non-furnished one as per your want.

The furnished one will be a little costly as compared to the nation furnished one. You can use the house as per your pocket. And if you have the car and you are thinking that you have to buy a garage for the car then don’t think much Rent apartment Olaya and they have attached parking for your vehicle and the best part is you don’t have pay extra to buy the parking space for your vehicle.

No worries apart from buying an apartment in Olaya if you want to rent you can easily rent your apartment in the better cost. You can post ads on our website and in 10-15 days you will get the best money offers from the buyers as Olaya is the most attracting and beautiful city in Riyadh.

Olaya is a great choice for travelers interested in shopping for clothes, markets and shopping for other home decoration items Olaya is the best option.

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