Back in the day, doctors maintained a reputation by word of mouth. Today you can find best online physician in Lahore or any city in Pakistan by reviewing doctors online on your smartphone! Using an online doctor app is a quick, convenient and cheaper way to find the best online physician in Lahore! Experts say that more than 80% of your health problems like the flu, headache and upset stomach can easily and effectively be treated remotely without stepping into a doctor’s office.
Online health services like telemedicine apps have grown in popularity over the years. Over time with advancements in technology, telemedicine has broken barriers and made quality healthcare more accessible to people living in rural and remote locations all over Pakistan who otherwise may not have access to a medical facility nearby.
Can I find online physician in Lahore to treat high blood pressure?
If you have a chronic health condition like high blood pressure or diabetes you can book a tele-appointment with online doctor and attend follow-up sessions online. Find the best physician online in Lahore or anywhere in Pakistan with online doctor app and get professional medical advice on how to manage hypertension at home. You can connect with some of the best physicians and specialists in Pakistan by downloading an app to find a doctor like Mylivedoctors on your mobile device or laptop. MyLiveDoctors is one of the best medical apps for patients that is user-friendly, efficient and lighter on the pocket too! Download and sign up for FREE on the app. Once you’ve signed up, book a tele-appointment with doctor with a physician in Lahore or any city in Pakistan. You can look up your doctor and go through the different profiles and patient reviews too. You can book an online GP appointment or schedule an in-clinic visit with a doctor in your region.
Are online physicians reliable?
Reliability is an important factor when it comes to healthcare. You can find best online physician in Lahore and receive an online medical consultation the same day! It is a great option for remote management of chronic diseases like high blood presssure. You don’t have to travel long distances anymore. Look up your doctor in your area on a doctor availability app and book an tele-appointment with doctor within minutes. Telemedicine apps allow a swift exchange of information between doctor and patient. You can engage in an online medical consultation via phone, texts, emails or video call depending upon your condition.
Is it possible to get a prescription online?
The best thing about online doctors is that they are authorized to write e-prescriptions so you can get a prescription online too. Making quality healthcare widely accessible and affordable is what telemedicine is all about! You can access expert medical care around the clock and get treatment for your headache from the comfort of your own home. With health apps like MyLiveDoctors and other consumer friendly tools, people are using their mobile devices and gadgets to monitor and track their health. Doctors and patients both have taken to this proactive approach of using technology to manage healthcare and other medical services. For more details, please visit

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