When you prepare to move across the country, you are probably overwhelmed by all the things that you have to consider and all of your moving options. While selecting the wrong option can steer you towards moving nightmare, the right option will ensure that you have the most pleasant experience possible. So, let's have a look at all the options you have and understand what's involved in them to find out how much does it cost to move across country.

Say Goodbye to unwanted stuff

Before you begin to pack, evaluate which items are really worth bringing and which ones can be easily replaced at your new location if you sell or donate them before you leave. After you've eliminated unnecessary possessions, depending on the size of the shipment you are moving, you will able to decide whether you can move them yourself in your car, a rented trailer, or a moving vehicle; pack and ship your items and drive or fly to the new place; or hire someone to do all of the packing, hauling, and unloading for you.

Do-it-yourself Moving

Moving items yourself is usually the best and cheapest way to move across the country if your load is relatively small. Pack all your belongings, label all boxes clearly with their contents, and rent a moving truck to accomplish the move. Keep in mind that most moving trailers and truck rentals are charged rates based on the carrier's size, miles to be traveled, and the amount of time needed. On an average, renting a truck or trailer will cost you around $3000. If you decide to ship your things instead, expect fees according to distance and weight, and be prepared to insure your valuable items.

You can also choose moving containers where you pack it at your leisure and the company pick it up on a designated day and deliver it to your destination for you to unpack. As for how much does it cost to move across country with moving containers? Depending upon the size of moving container you choose, renting a moving container will cost you around $4500.

Moving with cross country movers

Hiring reliable cross country movers is the most convenient choice and the best way to move across the country for those who own a lot of heavy furniture, moving which requires skills, or don't have time to do everything themselves. Let's have a look at how much does it cost to move across country with them? Well, it variable and it will depend on the number of rooms in your house, or its square footage. Moving a 3-bedroom house could cost you anywhere about $7,000.00 to $10,000.00, while moving 1-bedroom could be anywhere around $3500- $4000 depending on the services you choose.

Before hiring cross country movers, make sure to compare their rates and reputation, and find out about insuring valuables. To make sure you are getting the best deal from the best cross country movers, get free moving quotes from a reliable online moving platform like Moversfolder, and compare not just prices, but also moving services and customer reviews. This will help you find the right mover for your move and even let you save money on your moving costs.

Specialty Movers Services:

If you have any specialty items like a piano, big grandfather clock, huge bulky heirloom or antiques, they may require specialized movers to transport them safely. And for moving your pets, you can either choose to hire specialized pet movers who will make sure your pets are fed, watered, and exercised at regular intervals during their trip, Or you choose to move them yourself with you. If you are flying, the plane ticket for pet travel costs around $100 for a pet weighing less than 20 pounds. Then add up $200-$300 for a vet check-up so you can get the papers certifying they’re healthy and safe to travel.

Once you've packed your things or made arrangements to have it done for you, map out your journey, check hotel and flight reservations if necessary, and stock up on plenty of snacks and music for your long trip.

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