Do you have flair for teaching? Does the job of a lecturer excite you? Well, teaching any subject is interesting but if it’s a foreign language like Italian it is even better. Your expertise in Italian language can fetch excellent jobs in the field of teaching. Besides working as a teacher in a foreign language academy or ICSE or CBSE affiliated schools in India, you can consider other options like tutoring and lecturing jobs.

By undertaking an Italian language course in Kolkata, you will gain the skills and confidence to become a language teacher or trainer in academic sector. In addition, there are many reputed companies looking to hire corporate trainers in Italian to teach the employees as part of workspace training program.

5 top jobs as a Italian Language trainer

1. School teachers

In India there are approximately 1000 private schools that give importance to foreign language training and introduce Italian or German language classes in the curriculum for students. It is because learning Italian alongside English will enhance their creative prowess by improving intellectual and memory performance.

For this they need competent teachers who have a college graduation degree and undertaken an Italian language course in Kolkata.

2. College faculties or lecturers

With the increasing number of colleges in India making Italian or French classes as a vital part of their curriculum, your degree or certification will be good enough to land with jobs as college lecturers or faculties.
You can work as an assistant professor or start as a part-time coaching faculty. As you gain experience, you’ll experience career growth and move into a senior position.

3. Corporate trainers

The corporate world prefers skilled corporate teaching personnel to train employees to deal with overseas customers and improve their negotiation skills in global markets. A corporate trainer is hired for professional programs or on-site as part of workforce training program for delivering lessons on Italian linguistic learning.

4. Online language teachers

More and more foreign language academies are introducing online training classes for aspirants. They present e-learning facilities for those students who’re working or have busy schedules.

For providing online classes in Italian language, institutes need competent online tutors. Since students are inclined to e-learning, the popularity of online Italian programs is on a surge. It has triggered huge demand for proficient online tutors.

5. Freelance Tutors

Many candidates after completing Italian language course in Kolkata prefer to work as freelance tutors teaching individuals or groups. They guide students looking to learn the foreign language with basic speaking abilities with tailor-made education.

Working as a freelance tutor has many benefits that include unlimited income opportunities with Rs 400-1000 per hour for college students.

Learners on the other hand are inclined to group tuition or private tuition because it gives them personalized training, and individual attention.

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The writer of this article on Italian language course in Kolkata is Laxmon Gope. He works as a freelance web writer and foreign language expert in a leading college. He also has passion for landscape photography and gardening.