If you are looking to find love online, you may well be unsure of where to start or in fact what the process involves. Meeting a stranger, who you've met on the web, for a date can be both scary and daunting and many don't give it a try because of this. However, using a singles dating site which is solely focused on match making is a great way to find love online.

There are plenty of sites available on the web which let you 'chat' to strangers at your own will, but you really want to find one which lets you refine your search for your soulmate by the things which might matter to you, such as age, height, hair colour etc. You also want a site which allows users to sign up rather than just visit anonymously, as this can often mean that they don't come back.

When signing up to a singles dating site make sure to check that your registration details (i.e contact details, real name etc) remain confidential, that way you can ensure that you won't get contacted by anyone which you don't want to be contacted by. Also check that you can 'opt out' of the service at any time, should you wish to leave.

Remember that you don't have to pay to find love online. There are free options available to you and in many cases, these are a better option. No one can guarantee that they will find your soulmate online, after all that really is up to you and your date, so don't be fooled into paying considerable amounts of money for this.

When you sign up to a site, you will most likely be asked to create a profile. This will be how other singles will find out about you, so make sure that it is honest and gives enough insight into what you like doing and who you are without being a novel! Also, don't be shy to include a recent photo of yourself, most users like to be able to see who they are going to get in contact with.

Boost your confidence in using singles dating sites to find love online by reading the testimonials from other users to see what their success stories involve. Often just reading other peoples success stories can make you want to at least give it a go.

Once you have set up your profile and had a good look around the site, start doing some searches for your ideal soulmate, get in contact with some which take your fancy and you never know - they might in fact be your soulmate!

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