Residential Proxies are a great type of proxies which provide the best security and safety if you're on the internet. If you are unsure about your safety on the internet, using residential proxies will surely help you retain that safety of yours and enjoy the entertainment on the internet.

Before we go towards the Residential proxies, there are a few terms that you need to know to understand the basics of these residential proxies.

What is a Residential IP address?

If you're going to be understanding Residential proxies, you first need to know what a residential IP address is. If you're connected to your Home internet, You will have either a static or dynamic IP address. That specific IP address that you have when you're connected to the internet that is called a Residential IP address.

What are residential Proxies?

Now that you know what residential IP addresses are, you can fully understand what residential proxies are. Residential proxy is a proxy server that has the same IP address as that of a residence. In other words, the residential proxy has the same IP address as that of a Residential IP address. Residential Proxies are a great way to access those geolocation supported sites that can only be opened if you're present in a certain geographic location.

Almost all of the residential proxies out there are rotating proxies. This means that their IP address changes after every several minutes or after every HTTP request. These residential proxies are a great way to keep hidden on the internet and avoid getting blacklisted by internet websites.

You can also access restricted geographical locations which are limited to certain geo locations. You can use a residential IP address of a location which is supported by the website and then accesses it easily. Since you're using a residential IP address, the website owners will not even be suspicious about your IP address!

Residential Proxies are also very beneficial for marketing purposes. They are vastly used for black and white hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO), geo-targeted systems and ad verification.

Why use residential proxies?

There are many uses of these residential proxies. First of all, these residential proxies can be used to provide extra security and safety measures to your IP address, so that you are safe from the malicious hackers online. If some of the content on the internet is only limited to a certain geographical location, you can use a residential proxy to change your IP address to that of a supported location and then use the website without any problem at all.

Residential Proxies are usually rotating proxies. The IP addresses of these proxies changes after every several minutes or so. This is the best part when you're using a residential proxy. When you buy residential proxy, you are provided with a pool of IP address. Then, when you use the proxy on the internet, your proxy rotates between the given pool of proxies. In this way, your IP address is never the same. It keeps changing from time to time. Hence your safety on the internet is guaranteed!

Residential proxies are used by millions on the internet. From common people to governmental organizations, Residential proxies have become an essential part of the world. These proxies provide you with the best security and ensure that your data on the internet is safe from the malicious dark side of the internet.

Where to find residential proxies

There are many residential proxies providers which provide you with good residential proxies or residential IP addresses for use. Here is an ultimate list of residential IP proxies providers that researched by, From my personal experience, I would like to recommend those two provider for you.


They are a reputable company which provides some of the best proxies online. Some of their features are as follows.

  • Access to 35 million residential IPs worldwide
  • The largest proxy network in the world
  • Full control of IP releases by the city, state, country, ISP and more
  • Special $150 discount for Multilogin users

GEOSURF Residential Proxies

They are also a great website which provides some of the best residential proxies online. They provide the following features

  • Access to 2 million residential IPs worldwide
  • Options between the high rotation and sticky IPs
  • No domain restrictions. Works with all websites.

Final Verdict

Now that you know all about the basics of the residential proxies, I suggest that you should do some digging around the internet and find more information so that you can use these residential proxies for your use!


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