Skin tags are common among most people. Medically known as acrochorda, skin tags are usually found in places where skin creases are, for example on the eyelids, the neck, or the groin. Mostly they are the size of a rice grain. Technically, they are tumors, but do not worry, because they are benign. There is no need to suddenly be worked up in a panic once you spot a skin tag appearing anywhere on your body. However, they can be quite unsightly, causing one to have a drop in their self-esteem and self-confidence. Hence, many of the people opt for removing their skin tags.

Skin tags can now be removed, even from home, due to the advancements in technology. There are so many creams for removing skin tags, which you can use at home. They are not too expensive and are guaranteed to be effective. You only have to make sure that the cream you choose does not have any ingredient you are allergic to. But if you prefer natural methods, you can try removing your skin tags with blood root paste and other homemade remedies. You just have to be careful when using it because it can harm your skin.

If the root of the skin tag is relatively small and you don't want to risk using blood root paste, use a dental floss to tie the skin tag and let it remain that way for about a week. It will fall off on its own and you would not have to pay for professional help.

If you don't trust yourself enough with these home remedies or do-it-yourself methods, you can go to a professional and use professional techniques. Cauterization is an option. Namely, the surgeon uses electrolysis to burn the skin where the tag is. Normally, anesthesia is used in this treatment so you don't have to fear any pain. In addition, the chances of having a scar afterwards are quite little.
A surgeon can also remove skin tagsby excising it from the skin through the use of a scalpel. Excision should be performed by a qualified professional in a controlled, sterilized environment.

Moreover, there is another method called cryosurgery, where the skin tags are frozen using the liquid nitrogen. It won't take long and you would only need to put a bandage on it after it is over.

I have just discussed the best and most commonly used treatments to removing skin tags. The final decision will be yours. You would have to consider a lot of things, including your budget, the time required and the pain you would have to suffer, and even your personal preferences as to where it will be conducted. Take all the above into consideration and decide on the method that suits you the best.

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