One of the secrets of success for a real estate company that works with leasing is to make an appropriate rental management. This includes planning, optimization and organization of processes.

The challenge is constant, as there is competition with other developments and also with owners who prefer to rent their properties independently. In order to stand out in the market and avoid major problems it is essential to adopt an efficient management method.

The purpose of this post is to talk about the importance of making a good rental management and show the best practices for your real estate. Keep reading, count on our tips and improve your business, ensuring better results!

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Why is it so important to be concerned with rental management?

In general, consumer behavior has changed and, as a result, the various segments have also had to adapt and make improvements, such as introducing technological solutions to replace paper with digital services in bureaucratic processes.

What is the relationship between this scenario and rental management? The use of the internet can facilitate the management of this area in real estate. With adequate resources, it is possible for tenant candidates to be able to rent a property without having to leave their home.

In many cases, the excess of bureaucracy hinders more than it helps when signing rental contracts. Most people have little time to collect documents and take them to the real estate agency.

With a good organization and control of the time dedicated to this type of housing, it can become a profitable business for the real estate company. For a long time the area was not the most coveted in the business, due to the complexity and problems faced.

There are new and safe ways to rent a property that eliminate a lot of the bureaucracy faced by the parties, after all, it is not only the tenant who has a headache. The real estate company also needs to have space to store documents and a larger number of people to take care of manual processes.

The risk of losing information is very great, either due to the disorganization in the files or the departure of professionals to work in the competition. It is important to concentrate all data so that it can be accessed by anyone, including the continuity of an ongoing process.

What are the best practices to ensure effective rental management in real estate?

The modernization and implementation of technological solutions can bring significant results to a real estate business. Rental management occupies an important place in the production chain of a real estate company.

The adoption of intelligent and healthy practices provide greater reliability for those looking for a rental property. See what you can do to improve your company's rental management and reach a differentiated level in the real estate industry.

Have well-organized processes

The process of renting a property is complex due to the amount of personal and confidential information being requested from the prospective tenant for proof of income, address. If the real estate agent requires a guarantor, the same data is requested from the person.

Imagine if the information gets lost in the middle of so many documents or ends up in random folders. It is necessary to have everything very well organized to avoid problems and quickly locate any type of document.

In the rental industry, it is common to have a variety of processes with different statuses. Some are waiting for the keys, others for signatures and there are also those waiting to be inspected for an initial change or vacancy of the property.

The organization is an essential stage that requires attention and care from all areas involved in order to offer a pleasant experience to customers - tenants and owners who wish to do business with your company.

Invest in good management software

Technology is a great ally of real estate agents today, specialized real estate software will be able to absorb many tasks and define a standard of documents, for printing or sending to landlords and tenants.

Another important factor is that the software will keep information centralized in the same environment, allowing research by everyone who works in the real estate. This makes rent management easier, and the processes are closely monitored by those responsible.

Seek to automate processes

Is it possible to eliminate paper in a real estate company? This is a recurring doubt, considering the need to have a contract, but with new modalities of lease guarantees, the electronic signature is already valid, which releases the printing of all documents.

Automation offers benefits in streamlining processes, minimizing the time that is wasted searching for documents or filling out registration manually. Automatic and parameterized functions are aspects of greater credibility for the real estate company.

All contracts can be stored in digital mode and located using the system's search fields - all agile, practical and economical. Digital certification plays an essential role in real estate agencies that want to switch to automated services and abdicate from the excessive use of paper.

As the sending of e-mails already exists, it will be easy to implement the novelty and to use the electronic mail to send and receive the documents, instantly, safely, without displacing people unnecessarily.

Scan documents

Access to documents is facilitated in the digitized version. In addition to reducing bureaucracy, it also eliminates the need for intermediaries to assist in localization. Important documents can be scanned and have the same validity as the printed version:

  • lease receipts;
  • inspection report ;
  • contract amendments;
  • extrajudicial notifications;
  • contract signatures;
  • key declarations delivered.

Digitization enables agility in queries and detection of pending issues, allowing the measures to be taken in a timely manner. It is an efficient storage and organization practice.

The associated practice of all the tips we brought to you in this post, will provide greater stability, optimize time, attract and retain your customers. When they realize the speed, practicality and security of the processes in their real estate, they will hardly find another partner.

Therefore, consider that automated solutions are essential for good rental management and that your customers, landlords and tenants, will be satisfied, as they realize the real estate efforts to make services less bureaucratic and more efficient.


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