Smoking Kit

When you are smoking at home, you rarely pay attention to the number of things that go into making the perfect cigarette. There are so many movable parts and yet like a robot, you keep rolling up your cigarette with the least interest to remember about anything else.

Rolling a cigarette at home versus when you are travelling

We understand you have been in the routine for too long and it’s all in your memory but for some reason if you were to take your smokebox on a tour, what would you do? We know you will barely be able to stay without this prized box. The grinder, the rolling paper and the herbs are all part of the box which ensures that you don’t miss out on your herb sessions while travelling with family, going on road trips or simply chilling out on a vacation.

Most interestingly, after being in a routine you simply turn mechanical about the things that make for your herb session. It’s only when you are on travel mode you realise just how much the box means to you. A good smoke can get ruined if you miss out on a single component. On top of it, things might start looking difficult when you find out there are other constraints too. Rolling a cigarette is far easier at home than when you are outside. You need some privacy and time for making your smoke sessions enjoyable.

In the following lines, we will like to tell you how you can assemble your best smoking kit while you get ready for your tour. Besides, we will tell you ways to reduce the weight of your smoking kit.

Get your smoking kit, well organised

Not everyone is great at packing things. Hence it’s understandable why you might need to get your smoking kit organised before setting off. Especially if you are headed for a long journey, you will likely find things get misplaced. A good way to ensure this doesn’t happen with you is to get a compact smoking kit which has a solid zip and compartments to hold in every little component, safely.

Cut back on the weight

Every ounce you carry counts when you are travelling. To ensure you get a great taste of the choicest of herbs, we will like you to consider the things that will make your smoke box hefty. Most of the smoking kits are as good as being weightless but with things like rolling papers you just bought from a shop in Indonesia, the joints, the grinder, poker, the lighter and a few other components, your kit will turn heavy. When cutting back on weight, replace the heavy-weight metal grinder with an acrylic version.

Be secretive

Not everyone should know about your passion for cigarettes. Some of them don’t like the smell of herbs. If you do not desire other’s attention owing to some lingering odour generated from your smoking session just cut yourself off the crowd and enjoy some “me time” for a while. Also, to help avoid the smell you can get your things packed in an odour-proof container.

Also, you surely are eager to get the best smoking experience while in “vacay” mood. So that your smoke sessions turn amazing you need to pay attention to the herb and the rolling papers you buy. Research the manufacturing company before you buy rolling papers from them in Indonesia.

Now, that’s how ideally you should prepare your smokebox on a tour. Till then let’s hope everything will be fine.

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The author runs a rolling papers company in Indonesia. In recent times the author has been shedding light on smoke boxes and rolling paper related information through blogs.