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The Tesla Generator's official web page says:

Tesla Magic formula is going to upset various, nonetheless it’s properly well worth it. Following several years of suppression, a leaked document from your Tesla folder has produced it into a couple of underground technology labs. But rather then preserving the technologies for themselves this group of secretive scientists have made a step by phase Tesla Technique handbook that Anybody can use to construct his own personal Tesla Generator and tap into an almost infinite source of electrical power

The Tesla Generator is based upon the totally free vitality machine that was formulated by Nicola Tesla in 1934. Tesla announced for the earth that he acquired “harnessed the cosmic rays and triggered them to function a motive system”

What Nikola Tesla wanted to perform was to in fact build a unit that would enable individuals to produce and transmit free electrical power from 1 stage to one more devoid of utilizing any wires in between.

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